New Hope Hospital for the Zombie Survival gamemode is a well balanced map for both the survivors and zombies. There’s plenty of rooms to barricade up and hide in, but not with their downsides.

Features include:

  • HDR lighting.
  • Multiple entrances for both players and zombies.
  • Zombie spawns all around the map, not just in one place.
  • Breakable windows.
  • Plenty of props to barricade with.
  • Well balanced.
  • Made to work with ZS 2.10+



I tried it in Singleplayer. It’s really creepy map.

Damn looks very atmospheric, you’ve got my download

I love maps that come with built-in zombie spawns.
Do they spawn automatically or is there a switch that triggers the onslaught?
I’m working on a map where zombies swarm you after you pick up a phone.

What I meant by that point is there’s zombie spawns for the player zombies, it’s a Zombie Survival specific entity. There are AI nodes however, but you’d have to spawn the zombies yourself. Sorry for getting your hopes up.

just re release the map with zombie spawns.

Looks a lot like the first chapter in Korsokovia mod.

Looks amazing. Downloading now.

Looks creepy :ohdear:
When I play creepy dark maps, I create rebel NPC’s to protect me, I’m a baby okay.

Oh my god! I played this and i spawned fast zombie in one room and then i forgot that it was there. Then i came back there, UNARMED… i shat bricks. :frown: It almost killed me, until i took Crowbar.

That happens to me sometimes, I instinctively no-clip though.

How about you make a day version so if your outside you can see better.
Perhaps brighter lights indoors.

It’s not scary anymore then. I like dark maps. Like almost pitch black maps.

As it’s made for ZS I’m trying to make the most of the zombies night vision and some people’s lack of flashlight.

Looks creepy.

Looks great, very good attention to details, and lighting. Should be fun to play on.

Its everything but not creepy.

Anyway, nice job.

It’s scawy when fast zombies are there :ohdear:

That’s my 2nd favorite map on zs now so yeah i love it.

Lol, the beds breaking through the doors scared me a bit.