[Change Log] as of 6/20/12
[Added] Skyline for pool
[Added] Infant pool
[Added] 2 special design vents for 2 zombie spawns
[Fixed] LONG hallway by making 2 openings
[Fixed] bathrooms in basement

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About the map: 2 Floors, lots of ammenties, pretty spacious, 70+ player spawns for zs. Lots of custom textures let me know if any come up checkered. I tested it myself and couldn’t find any but sometimes people slip up…
There is one vent couple of rooms, I was running out room so I couldnt make alot of gym based exercise machines due to hammer maxing out with the number of brushes…and I don’t know how to use propper or else that would have eliminated that part.
So Enjoy the map let me know whats wrong what you like and dislike etc…
**This is important I believe most players will get it but most doors are attached with a hinge entity if players get stuck or get through they can shoot the door all doors are **breakable!!! 50-100hp







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You gotta get models for all those blocky treadmills, chairs, tables, etc…

Also, use light_spot instead of a normal light. It makes your map look a lot better if used properly.

Whats changed from the last time you posted this? As far as i can work out, you have reused the same screens.

As a result, my crit hasn’t changed…use models where possible, sort out your textures and your detail.

'N Sync? Cool, I love that band :v:

new york sports clubs

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Honestly waterpyro, stop releasing all these betas when every time you only make a couple of changes yet refuse to adjust the biggest issue - blockiness.


Kind of reminds me of Columbine.

nice job just need to improve a bit more