zs_rural series

Hey guys, This is a series of machinima-oriented maps that are partially related to one another.

The purpose of these maps is purely recreational, and are merely tests to see how far I can go in the mapping area.

This is the rural series in order timeline-wise.


(3 hours after infection)


(1 day after infection)

coming soon
(1 day after infection, afternoon/dusk)


(8 days after infection)


(3 weeks after infection)


(4 weeks after infection)

zs_ruralrooftops - MADE BY ThaGuyWithMuffin
(Coming soon)
You have my permission to use these maps in anyway you want, If however you re-upload them or make machinima, please add my name to the credits.

Images are in the links
Enjoy the desolate rural maps, there will be more to come.

Looking good! However, the purple-ish fog needs fixing, looks a bit off.

Lol, thanks and dw, the fog is supposed to be dark in some of those maps.

purple fog isn’t realistic

K mate. (colourblind btw)

Loved the maps. They look not suitable for zs (no “lolhahaiamhidden” places :3 ), but they are so cute!

haha, thank you :slight_smile: