[release][tab]Name:[/tab] zs_stormier_v1

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Zombie Survival map

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Uses some CS:S models/materials

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=55089 [/release]

I made the first beta release over a year ago, and recently decided to finish it. Changes and pictures are listed in the garrysmod.org description.

I didn’t plan on making a thread for this, but maybe someone might provide useful feedback…


If you go to the link there are pics :smiley:


That’s a Bigass Tv in the second pic :smiley: looks pretty good!

that’s really quite nice

I remember the beta times. Nice that it’s finished.

In the second image, there’s a mug on the table but the handle is facing away from the sofa. Where was the drinker sitting exactly?

Perhaps someone put the mug on the table as they were walking past?

really good map, barricadeable doors are so much fun.

Now you’re talking crazy, Floater.

Great map. Nice job.

Can’t open the zip file, it says it’s corrupted.


Nevermind, worked after downloading it multiple times.

Ha, this looks pretty cool. You have a good grasp at how things should look like.

Pretty nice map.

Reminds me of L4D

I enjoy this map, mapping king’ed :3

Can’t wait for next version

This is a great map for making serious zombie survival movies and also for Zombie RPs! ^^
This house would inspire some great claustrophobic effects on the survivors. Great going!

wtf why are people bumping the shit out of dead threads >:(

Because they are awesome.

Nobodys probably gonna reply to this but…

Do I need Ep2 to use this? :frowning:

You don’t need EP2,the map already includes EP2 textures and stuff.
You only need CS:S

Nice map.

Lol this map is epic :slight_smile: