So yeah, first time posting here on facepunch! Just got back into playing some Garry’s mod, and thought I could share something I made with the community, and what better way is there to do that then with a map?

In a nutshell, it’s an abandoned subway in a zombie-infested city. I have worked on it for about 2 years and I think it turned out pretty good. If you want more information just press the download link.



[li]A huge subway complex[/li][li]Eerie Atmosphere[/li][li]Color Correction[/li][li]Advanced cubemaps and lighting [/li][li]Soundscapes[/li][li]Very realistic[/li][li]Great for zombiemod[/li][li]Also great for posing/machinimas[/li][li]Optimized[/li][li]Lots of hiding places[/li][li]Glimpses of the surface world[/li][li]Lots of props[/li][li]More stuff that I can’t think of right now[/li][/ul]






Garry’s mod, Counterstrike Source


I’ve already had deal with people trying to steal and take credit for this map, so don’t take credit for this map or reupload without my permission.



Hope you all enjoy! Feedback and comments are appreciated!

Looks sexy.

I can’t necessarily get on garrysmod to test it, but it looks pretty good from the pictures. I can’t actually see anything I can pick at in terms of C&C so I guess I will have to get back to you on that.

Looks pretty much like gm_metro2033 to me.

I expected another shitty Subway restaurant map.

I was wrong. Looks pretty nice.

is zombie survival still active these days?

I have had to explain this to alot of ppl. gm_metro_2033 was in fact an old beta of this map called zm_subway_v2. I had it uploaded for like 2 weeks for beta testing. One of the downloaders decided to rename the .bsp and take credit for it himself. I recently found out about this, had him banned and decided to upload the final version myself. As of now it seems like everyone belives that he was the original creator, which sucks since I put down so much time into this map. He even had like 100 times more downloads then my upload.

I knew this guy! He was my Skype friend, once upon a time he said to me that he is making the map about the Metro 2033!!! What a little lier!!! Oh! He is only 10 years old!

I stand corrected.

the true version is on noxiousnet, and it’s pretty much full at all times.

all other servers have special gimmicks and items that pretty much break the teamwork aspect of the mode

Noxiousnet is pretty laggy for me, is the server in America? But on the topic, nice map!

Wow what a small world. Anyways, if you get the chance, go ahead and give him a good spanking or whatever you do to 10 year olds these days.

Indeed. Just putting it out there.

I hardly belive you made this for 2 reasons.

4 posts
and a awsome smiley avatar

I have been in the mapping community for several years, but I haven’t had the need to be on facepunch until now. Which should explain the low post count. And the smiley avatar, I just couldn’t bother finding anything better. I know it looks kinda noobish.

With 700 hours in Source SDK, I think he did mang. Or he just spent it in model viewer, I could be wrong. :v:

Haha, that looks good. :buddy: I’ll have to remember to download it later.

I don’t even play zombie survival anymore, I might have to get some friends together just to play this map. Very nice work.

Looks very atmospheric.

Reminds me of the Subway level from Timesplitters 3.

Actually, it somehow reminds me of Fallout 3. Their subways were eerie like this one.

Actually, I had some inspiration from Fallout 3 when creating this map.