Swimming pool with new water material!

Everything outside from HL2 is pakratted, so you need only that game.

Great another ZS map.

This is really good, what are you talking about.

Nerdgasm :flashfap:

Wow this pool looks really nice, especially with these buildings you can see through the roof on that hill!

The pool looks amazing

Yes “Great another ZS” quality map that people would enjoy. If don’t like ZS map would would click on a thread for one just cry! I assume your jealous that you cannot create a map as good as this one like your RP mars.

On topic, great job on this map its very nice and love the lighting inside the pool.

Absolutely amazing work.

Oh my god the pool looks so sexy ! WOW ( 1st pic ) what are the others??

Rp mars was orgasmic, this makes me wanna cry, seriously a pool and its amazing please.

I spent a lot of time making the new water material. It’s the best thing on the map.

However I added other features like two switchable computers with Windows Vista and 2000 logos and sounds!

Im not complaining about the map im just saying mapping for ZM is a waste of talent, and you sadly have lots of it.

Keep on truckin.

The only gamemodes that I know are the basic sandbox and Zombie Survival, that I play since 2007: sandbox has thousands of maps, most of them very similar, everything has been created… In ZS, I am one of the few who makes maps graphically very good. Then, the NoXiousNet official server has always tens of players…

Try making an rp map then.

RP needs very big maps: I don’t have enough patience to make one. I prefer make small maps but very detailed. Then I like much more ZS.


These are other maps I’m working on:



I like the desert.

That desert thing looks ab-so-lutely amazing.

Only thing that bothers me is that the road texture seems to be

  1. a bit too light, asphalt tends to be dark grey.
  2. misaligned. See the side markings? They don’t repeat very well. Easy fix, though.

Yes but when you look from the ground you don’t pay attention to it.

looks fucking awesome

You should make a tutorial on how to map, this is influencing.