FIXED FROM VERSION 1: MAINLY +55% PERFORMANCE (Benchmark with Fraps 3.0.2)

That’s a mighty big performance increase!

Good to hear, I still love this map.

Thanks for the update. It’s a great map, and the performance increase should make it even more enjoyable to toy around in.

Bloody great map.

Can you play this in HL2?

wow I’m drooling over the screenshots! I’m gonna have some fun making little holo vehicles for the pool!

That is ace, nice water


If you do a V3, can you add drains in the pools and make it possible to remove the cover and hide in the pipes XD

Wow, there seems to be a lot of kids on Facepunch now a days.


Oh, my bad.

Actually, I’ll be 25 in a few days. What do you mean by ‘kid’?

Might be nice to have images more than 256 pixels.

Just media tag them in.

Sorry, just the way you type it sounds like your a kid.

The picture of the pool that small makes it look real.

Very nice.

It’s “you’re”. The apostrophe indicates a contraction of “you are”; “your” is for possession. :slight_smile:

This is a very sexy map.