Hello, and welcome to the Aperture Science Testchamber!


You have been selected as the next batch of subjects to be tested against [REDACTED], to further study Human and [REDACTED] interaction.


It is Aperture’s contractual obligation to inform you that in previous tests, a given participant’s time in the testchamber was short and excruciatingly painful. Which is why for this test, Aperture will authorize the distribution of ammunition when your situation appears hopeless.


Aperture would like to take this opportunity to remind you that skill and teamwork will ensure your success in this test. Failure will result in [REDACTED].


Due to the nature of this test, there are no obvious exits to the testchamber. The test will end after 32 minutes or after all participants are [REDACTED]. Withdrawal from the test while in progress will result in a permanent derogatory on your performance record.

Good Luck!

Features: [ul][li]Dynamic Architecture
[/li][li]A Weapon Dispenser
[/li][li]Ammunition closets
[/li][li]Health Rechargers
[/li][li]A Last Stand Room[/ul]
[Download: Here]

Requires Portal and ZS 2.0+ to play.

This map is dedicated to Jason Foster (“As The Night Grows”), someone who played with us a lot on the Noxiousnet server. He sadly lost his life in a rollover crash on August 6th, and I made this map in his memory. It took close to a month, most of it polishing this map to absolute perfection.

Looks sexy. Very original idea.

Its very dark for a portal-inspired map, but it looks really good.
you should put some kind of light in the “control rooms”, that way they look more like they’re actually being used.

Looks quite fantastic, and my condolences for your friend.

That room has its lights off for a lit candle.

(Which doesn’t show through the refractive glass, source engine.)

Very cool map. I’m sure your friend would be very proud of your map. Rest in peace Jason.

This is map is [REDACTED]. :smug:

But seriously brilliant work. Great map.

So sorry about your guy but it’s a good map though keep up the good work.