For the zombie survivals maniacs out there. All the map info you need is in the links description.

Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=101669



Very good looking map, Stelk!
Rated artistic.

Woah, this looks awesome.

Lots of detail, will definitely play this sometime.

I like it, good job.

Awesome layout.

Welcome to Map Review. From now on, this account will review mapping releases on Facepunch exclusively, no matter the mapper’s skill, the map’s use, significance or the amount of time and skill put in to it. This is an experiment, if you have any suggestions, or a map has been skipped since this account was created, please do send a private message, otherwise focus on the map in the original post instead of bringing attention to this account.


Apparently to properly test this map a zombie survival server would have to be joined, however Map Review does everything solo. This map in particular is interesting, it is set in a usual City 17 ‘Route Kanal’ environment, and with a layout great for zombie survival providing more than one route to escape or attack. Would recommend you try a few Half-Life 2: Deathmatch maps, because it fits that theme and layout perfectly.


Not much to criticize apart from lights being placed too close to the wall, lack of more detail, and a rather plain 3D skybox. As far as gameplay, someone else willing to play it on multiplayer will have to try it out then provide feedback.