ZS_Vacant V1

Help make a V2!

Hey guys. I could have sworn about a year ago I posted a release thread but I think after I had a bit of attitude on my WIP thread, I kinda said fuck it and quit FP for a bit and ended up just finishing this map without a thread. Anyways moving on I guess.

This map is ZS_Vacant. It was made for Zombie Survival, but can be used for whatever. It is indeed a remake or my own apocalyptic spin on the map from Call Of Duty 4 - Vacant (see picture below)

I finished this map roughly 2 years ago now and I’m aware now it really late to post this, but I feel like I need to have a release thread for my first map that I’ve released onto workshop. It took me about 2 months total to work on and finish this map and it uses texture from Call Of Duty 4 and a few other custom textures. They SHOULD be pakratted into the file.

Bugs: There are some bugs and I’m trying to recover my vmf to fix them now that garry’s mod has seem to have broken some of the props in the map.

-The map at funny on multiplayer
-I need to add areaportals b/c I was lazy
-I literally JUST found dev textures still in the map.
-Weird shadows glitches that weren’t there before
-What ever else you guys can find.

I’m totally open to ideas on what I can do to improve the map. I know some will say the map is blocky, but if you played Call of Duty, Vacant was a blocky map to begin with. I really need to add ambiance, but again was lazy at time of development. Really I just want to improve this current map and ideas would be great. Also, I’m sorry if this post is hard to read, it’s currently 5AM here and I’m tired.



More: http://imgur.com/a/R2SQw#0

Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118861238