zShift.net Gaming Community


We are a fast paced growing community and are currently hosting two different servers. Our community is very strong and friendly, although some of us do not get along as well as others, our group makes the server ten times better. Unlike any other experiment server, the admins in this community get along very well with the players and try to build strong bonds. As long as an phase four server has good admins, the server runs well.This server has those good admins many players are looking for on a server and find that they try their best to monitor and support the players.Even though all are admins make many mistakes and are not perfect, we find a way to get the worst situations into a good situation.


The first server is Phase Four gamemode created by Kurozael.The gamemode is based on a free for all but many friendships are made and many broken. Hide and build up your supplies to gain reputation and be good or evil depending on what you like to role play as. Other than most experiment servers are rules and admins are very different,most admins are very active and enjoy playing with the players. Our rules are based on light-rp because we find role-playing very boring and many players seem to enjoy it. While many players get emotional during their time, everyone has their good moments.


Our second server is trouble in terriost town.Trouble In Terrorist Town is a developed product released to the public, It is loosely based on the hit film and novel, “The Thing”. The main punchline in this gamemode is “Trust no one…”. Many people play this gamemode and many people enjoy it. TTT is constructed on a “terrorist town” sort of game play, you are either picked as a detective,traitor,or an innocent player. The traitors try to run the game,but if the detectives find even a hint of blood on the traitors sleeves, the detective can tell the innocent players to kill the traitors and unmask the bad people. Like all other servers, we do not go well with rdm; so if you were to join this server please do not rdm because we want the best experience we can get for our players, thus making a better server.

If you would like to get informed and in base with us. Please visit our website for current news and updates. zShift.net

To represent our server put a lower case “z” in front of your steam name.

If you have any problems connecting to the server or want to know any more information join us on our TeamSpeak server:
Port : 9987[/release]

nice, ttt is full.

Your admins abuse, I joined the other day and I was buying ammo from someone and I saw an admin fly in through noclip, take the ammo, and then flew away. (Yes I had a wallhack). And then when I told on the admin that stole my things I got banned? Haha, good choice.

EDIT: Sorry, I can’t accuse the whole admin team, but one of your admins abused is what I meant to say.

Do you know who this was because I can get him revoked. Also scriptenforcer was not up for some reason that day,sorry about your experience.

lol… You were the guy who pretended to be kurozael and tryed get my password for ideal hosting… Also, don’t forget when you prop killed about 6 people. I assumed you were bullshitting because you did all this shit and had the same description as the guy who I permad before and you sounded exactly like him.

I saw your forums. First post is called “minecraft for niggers”

I leave.

I saw your post, then looked at the thread date.

I laugh.

The owner asked us for a PhaseFour fix and when we told him no he started raging and he sent us this thread and his forums.

I see they lied about being able to fix phase four.

I understand that they know nothing about lua which is ok. Everyone has to start somewhere however, when the argument arised and they wanted me to fix it because I fixed phase four. They began to rant how I am a rubbish coder and that they can do a better job.

The server is now a sandbox server

Case closed

That was a funny night.