ZSMVS - Simple Custom Votemap System for ZS Servers

Great this post broke itself. Here’s the link: Workshop version

Actually, a mod please lock this thread. It’s impossible.

Sorry for the huge bump but this is good news. A gmod13 version is done and it will come out within the next day at the workshop. Just let me optimize some few bad net table nestings and we’re ready.

If anyone wants to do me a logo for the workshop then I would be delighted and give some credit. Same goes if you contribute in any way.

There’s no readme.

Your avatar fits your comments :v:

There was one when it was for GMOD12 (because of ProgressBar vgui) but since GMOD13 now includes the progress bar, then there is no need for readme. Just simply pass the whole folder to the addons folder, open maplist (it explains how to add maps in a easy form) and add away.

Easy but very time consuming

I’ve updated the addon, it introduces new votemap like features. Most likely the next version will be a votemap derma overhaul (to make it prettier).

Oh and I’ve added the READ_ME.txt, so please read it. It’s really brief and easy to understand.

Hey I am just wondering if this would work for TTT and other gamemodes?

Read the title of the mod.

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In case you’re still confused, it’ll most likely be using ZS hooks, so no.

I might be planning to discard this and do a global version of this mod. Issue would be that you would have to create 2 or more hooks of the gamemode you want (leading to svn repositores, aka. legacy versions)

Also if it’s your gamemode then that gamemode needs 2 important hooks, one when the round ends and one when it loads the next map.