Zulfur | New Rust Community | Extended Economy | Active Admins | Automated Airdrops | Oxide | TS3

Zulfur Community Server Features:

  • Active Admins
  • 24/7 ( No Downtime )
  • Oxide Mod
  • Extended Economy ( Shop in game )
  • Automated Air-drops
  • Team-speak 3
  • Factions within team-speak and the game
  • Friendly players
  • New community looking for input to grow
  • Events on the rust server, hunger games!
  • Website in progress! ( soon to be finished )

Overall Background: Zulfur is a newly formed community looking for players to help grow. We are looking for players which have an interest in the rust server and would like to take part with other members. Also on the team-speak we are looking for staff and potential faction leaders! Overall we are looking to grow the community and make sure everything is done to the best of standards. We need players for this to work, hope you see you interested in the server… make sure to hope on team-speak so that we get to know you - all of the details are below in which you need to connect to the server.

Rust Server IP: use the following details to connect to the server… open up rust and press F1 and then type into the console net.connect
Team-speak 3 IP: connecting to this team-speak will then allow a member of staff to take you through the rules and basics of the game!


Amazing server, has active and friendly admins.