Zuper Serious RP Rp downtown v2 [PHX] [WIRE] [CUSTOM JOBS]

Zuper Serious RP is a brand new RP server. We have many active admins to help you with anything you need. Connect to QUICK DOWNLOAD!! Serious RP, so prepare to be serious. GREAT SERVER FOR RP!!! Active community for your pleasure!

Gamemode: DarkRP
Max Players: going to be 32. 20 now.
Map: RP_downtown_v2

This server is very different from others, because don’t think as an admin " OH HE NLRED AND RDMED WE HAVE TO KICKZ HIM". We give you 3 chances before a kick. We are not like other serious RP Servers.

We have district 9 vehicles for cops, and Swat.

We have custom jobs.

We have Terrorist, Terrorist Bomber, Black market dealer, and a few that you would really enjoy.

We have a great website with forums, donation page for admin, Rules and other things you need.

What we do is… we get people to build their own bases… then when they are ready, we spawn a bunch of zombies to get into people’s base. Last man standing gets 10,000 dollars. IT IS SO MUCH FUN!! (Admins are not included in game)

If you have any questions, just PM my steam. Benkrules123. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Also, we do not have so called “admin abusers” so don’t worry. :smiley:

-Zuper Serious RP

Your DarkDM server isn’t serious.

You shouldn’t post about a server you’ve never been on

Youve never been on it, so don’t insult my server.

He has a job called terrorist. That alone tells me that this server is no different from every other DarkDM server

The terrorist class has been removed. I just thought it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Terrorist class still very much there (I just joined the empty server) All it means is people are MEANT to kill others for no reason. I fail to see how this is a serious server…

You sell admin. That also tells me that this server is no different from the other 900 unoriginal DM-fests

I’m sorry, but i havent been able to delete it, yet. I will though


Listen, its not “buying admin”. It’s donating to a good cause and recieving admin as an award for your “kindness”


And also, the server is empty because of a recent restart of the server.


And also, the server is empty because of a recent restart of the server.


Check out the web. ZuperSeriousRp.webs.com
Yes, freewebs. Same thing as a normal website. Forums, donations, rules, everything.

Buying admin, donating for admin, same fucking thing. Both ways get you shitty admins who don’t know what they’re doing.

Webs suck dick. And I think Wafflezz is right. Your server is a DarkDM.

Update!!! Officially removed terrorist, and terrorist bomber. Have added blackmarket dealer, and security guard.

Delete all jobs except citizen and cp to make it serious.

Your server isn’t serious, take it out of the title

But what about gun dealer? and Mayor… and things like that

If you have no clue what serious is, remove the serious out of your name.

Remove yourself off of my forum, jackass

No need to get mad over constructive criticism

You mean thread…

Constructive my ass. More like a flamefest.