Map made for the gamemode Zombifiedworld to Garry’s mod, but can be launched in Half Life 2 ep2 aswell.
It takes place in a forest, with a little lumbermill and a power station. It might be good for Roleplay too.

Half Life2: Episode 2 is required.


not bad. could be better, but not bad.
Artisic for you, i guess

That’s so hot.

Epic map. C:

Woo, first map dedicated to my beloved Zombified World! Thanks!


looks good but those hills look very unrealistic, because they’re all only one grass texture. Use a rock blend texture and paint a bit on the hills to make it look better and you’ve got yourself a very flawless map.

You need to get some more control over your HDR.

I couldn’t find a texture that had grass/rock blend and still matched a grass/dirt texture with sprites.

Looks nice, but like already said, it doesn’t look like a forest because of that grass texture.

And if you couldn’t find good textures then you should use custom textures.

Well thanks for the feedback, will look into the HDR.

that is one smooth looking map, 9/10