Zwonder Ops V.1 Release

Originally this map was based off the structure of Blops level, “Five”. Obviously never being able to recreate the fabulous gameplay, me being me, made this map in my own way. So here you go. It has zombies, repairable doors, and a whole lot that you can do (Not really, its just version 1). I’ve taken a lot of suggestions in (since the beta), and of course, the map needs a truckload and more of improvement. The AI nodes are not placed correctly, and I’m sure many are unlinked, as I will fix this on Zwonder Ops V2.

If you have anything to assume, suggest, or state, then go ahead and post it : ) So ya.

Click for gameplay!

Download Link:
Download also avaibable on the Toybox.

You missed the release section. Though it looks interesting, so I’ll give it a try.

Reminded me of Black Ops.
Looks nice, downloading. :smiley:

Pretty Dam Good! But i have got a few problems
One is that when ever i go to one side of the map, the other is blue looking, its got a kind of FOG which is strange
The other is there is an object missing and its being replaced by an error message
I put links bellow
Blue fog:

Hope you get these fixed, and Once again great Map

The only source games i have installed are:
Teamfortress 2
Half life 2 : Deathmatch/ lost coast

I’m running Win7 32 bit, but i don’t think that would have any effect
EDIT: Also is that HUD meant to be there too, or is that just a mod you have?

The blue fog is in the trailer, so most likely the creator has put in a fog controller for some random reason.

For the errors, it says that the map has no requirements, but obviously that is not the case lol.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: The fog is suppose to be there, the map will be bigger in later versions, so the fog will be necessary. Enter in, Fog_enable 0 if you are having lag problems.

The ERROR was a model from episode 2, which was entirely my fault, adding in, and has already been fixed in the 2nd version. As well as the many other bugs and glitches that I’ve been reading upon, and noticing while playing with some friends.

The Hud is my own, and I have two huds overlapping each other, I’ve been meaning to fix it.

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Apologizes for all those who do not have Episode 2. It’ll be fixed with v2.

Anyone hosting any servers with this map? BTW, Nice map bro :wink:

well you can see it looks eaxcly like the black ops nazi zombie map, the first one. (like 95%)
and the name

Looks quite promising. I’ll be sure to take a look.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it!

how do i install it?

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\imafuckshit\garrysmods\garrysmod\maps

Place it there.