ZWorld Afterlife Server

Hello community,

i am very new in this scene and i have a question.
Please keep calm and give a newbie a chance :slight_smile:

Alright , my problem is i saw this :

And i want to put this gamemode on my gmod server .
How can i do this ?

Thanks in advance!
PS: if this is wrong section please move

Use gmad extractor to extract the legacy addon and upload it to your servers garrysmod/gamemode folder.

(I believe this goes in Help & Support as a request.)

i tried this but the gamemodes folder only contains the logos no scripts or so

The gamemode is private.

This pack is only the contents for his server, any custom downloads such as models/sounds and those logos.

So theres NO WAY to get the gamemode running on a listen server?

if no do you know ANY dayz gamemode ?

zworld afterlife is a horrible gamemode where admins just believe players without any solid evidence. i don’t recommend joining it

i really really need a gamemode like DAYZ

and I really really need a girlfriend, but we can’t all get what we want can we

Bad admins doesn’t equal bad gamemode.

true, what I meant to say.
–snip, i insulted pantho about byb

doesnt anyone know a free dayz gamemode