ZZZ Zombies (PvP,1/2Craft/DoorShare/AirDrops/NoDecay/LimitedSleepers)

New Server that’s only been up for a week. Hosted through FPSPlayers using their NewYork servers

Server Name - ZZZ Zombies (PvP,1/2Craft/DoorShare/AirDrops/NoDecay/LimitedSleepers)
Max slots - 50
Area - US East

Installed Mods - Rust Essentials , Limited Sleepers, Drop Party, VACuum


-Airdrops (if 5 people or more are online)
-1/2 Craft speed (soooo much faster than waiting for normal speed)
-Starter Kits (have a few, may add a few more)
-Door Sharing (let your friends in and keep your enemy’s out)
-No Decay (don’t worry about your stuff disappearing after a few days of being offline)
-Limited Sleepers (your body disappears after 15 mins of being offline)
-Admin can remove mistakes with removal tools
-Noob friendly, just ask questions =)
-Modified loot tables (Zombies drop Supply Signals you say??? come find out what else has changed)
-Friendly Admin (I wont bite. Well at least not to hard)

We are hoping to make this an active server and have a lot of fun with everyone that joins. So jump on in and get a head start on everyone =)

To join just hit F1 and copy in “net.connect”
Come join us for some fun