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Welcome to Team Fortress 2008 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/318925/f6dafed8-04fa-44fd-b6d9-c4ef14b38439/tf2008_menu.jpg This is a SourceMod which requires Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer to be installed on Steam. (in Tools under your Steam Library.) For people who miss the good ol' days of TF2, this is a small community of players who prefer the simpler menus, old lighting, and pre-2010 versions of TF2 in general. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/318925/45659668-ab7a-41f0-9b8a-29b7d2576eb9/tf2_logo.jpg Downloads: TF2008 SourceMod download here. TF2008 Server download here. Community: Steam Group Discord Server Instructions: After installing Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer from Steam, and downloading the TF2008 SourceMod zip file, just extract the zip file to your SourceMods folder usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods There should now be a folder named "tf2008" under your SourceMods folder. Now all you need to do is restart Steam, and if you've set everything up properly, you should see Team Fortress 2008 in your Steam Library. Note: you might need to launch Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer once, before launching Team Fortress 2008.
Might be good to at least list some features that've been changed/removed
There's also that TF2Vintage mod out there. Only reason I bring it up because they've gone and set up ways of setting mechanics in game to TF2 launch, like no airblast, Launch TF2 buildables (no upgradeable dispenser, and tele [iirc]). Might just make a thread for it here since it got featured twice by moddb
So is it like a roll-back with all the glitches and bugs left ?
tf2v didnt setup "setting mechanics in game to TF2 launch, like no airblast, Launch TF2 buildables (no upgradeable dispenser, and tele [iirc])." the Team Fortress 2 Classic team added that Feature, tf2v is just a tf2classic fork
Well that's not like it's a hidden secret it's a fork. There seems to be some animosity in your post man, WE all lvoe TF2 so no need to get in a tizzy. Also wasn't TF2C's airblast really cumbersome and useless? TF2V's is more like retail's than b4's and even the invite only beta builds of TF2C.
My post wasnt supposed to sound hostile towards the mod, I was just pointing it out; I'm sorry if you interpreted that way.
Is cool, mainly it's the formatting that gave the impression. Still it was a nice idea back in TF2C, the vintageguys seemed to just have expanded on it, they even fixed up that randomizer mode TF2C had and made it stable
UPDATE: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/318925/7c1f34d3-a071-444b-8a14-6517a58c8ed2/TF2008_Logo.png We payed the Steam Direct fee, and are now working on an official Steam release. The Steam team approved of me generating beta CD keys, but we're still waiting on Valve to approve the store page.
valve literally allowing their own intellectual property onto the steam store in all seriousness, this would mean they could get the TF copyrights revoked. I don't see this working out, sorry
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/318925/2f8c5332-3d5c-4c4f-9c39-3d559e08f8d7/valve_ips.png I've seen multiple Half-Life 2 games on steam, that are SourceMods, with "Half-Life 2" in the title...
but how many of those mods use leaked source code though?
I think this is a big issue on why TF2V hasn't gone onto steam. SInce it's based off the leaked TF2 source code
TF2 2008 uses leaked code and its on Steam. Valve doesn't care anymore. This means that you could potentionally see TF2Classic, TF2Vintage and Lambda Fortress: Extended all go onto Steam in the future. If TF2 2008 gets a store page, then its guaranteed those other games will go on, the only problem is the $100 fee and legal issues
"TF2 2008 uses leaked code and its on Steam." Is it? Because I don't see it anywhere. And if it was to make it onto the store, it would be a free game with no option of making it a purchase. The minute it turns into a moneymaking opportunity for anyone other than Valve, Valve will put a stop to it because it's their source code, their content, and very little of anyone else's content.
We have a website now! Check it out at: teamfortress2008.com
This is so surreal,if that actualy works out then that might make the creators of tf2classic more confident for a steam release.
Is TF2C aiming for a Steam release? It's been a while since I last chatted with anyone on the team, so I can't recall if they were going to do that or not.
Last I heard, TF2Classic was dividing itself up into "Team Deathmatch Classic" which will be a standalone game for the Deathmatch mode, and the other half will be its own standalone game with the rest of the TF2Classic stuff.
Oh shit, the good old days of 2008 TF2. This is something I would be super down for.
The TF2 code is. It's from a leak of the game sometime in 08. The only thing nicknine really did IIRC was put it on the 2013 MP base and fix a couple of game halting bugs. But yeah like the other guys said if this gets throguh you're likely to see TF2 Vintage and Lambda Fortress up there as well on the steam store.
I know where the code is from. SourceEngine2007 repo on Github that used to be owned by LestaD but he's apparently changed his username since. And yeah, I've seen Nicknine's repo. That's why I said this could only go up on the store for free. None of the aforementioned projects use the steam developer repo license which costs several thousand dollars last I heard from Pelpix, and the code is 99.99% Valve's. The minute there's any whiff of these projects attempting to make any money, Valve will swoop in and shut it down.
Your Steam store page linked on your site is hidden. Plus why release on 10/11? OrangeBox launched 10/10.
I wanted a 10/10 release, but I ended up paying the Steam Direct fee on 9/11, and there's a 1 month required wait.
Well I doubt anyone would be daft enough to charge money for a mod. Kinda a shame mods need to be on steam or covered by a youtuber now to get any type of chatter going. Lotta good mods on moddb, especially for half-life that most steam centeric users may never hear about or see
Well it's October 11th. No visible store entry.
That's because it's been delayed, as we're waiting on Valve again. We're still planning on 2018 though.
I'll believe it when I see it. This'll just go the same way as TF2C did, as TF2V did, as TDC will. Right in the shitter.
Who could have possibly predicted it would end like this? https://youtu.be/PGhrBq2DrWs
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