• Screw Steam (The Jimquisition)
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I get where hes coming from, but really? The Epic store? There are so many issues with the store its not funny. If you are going to recommend a store, do something like GOG or Itch.io
No thanks Jim, even if Steam is full of problems, I never gonna be on Epic "Anti-consumer" Games side. AT LEAST use GOG or something else if you really want to bash Steam on any cost.
yeah it sucks for legit indie devs but the occasional Steam PR debacle still isn't enough to make me wanna give my money to tencent
Epic is buying titles that are already on steam for exclusivity deals it'd be one thing and quite acceptable if they weren't already on steam, but they're demonstrating a really shitty attitude before they've even started out
I initially agreed with the video but I want to reiterate that Steam gives its users all the tools they could need to ascertain whether a game is good. The recent reviews/overall reviews system, the written reviews taking up the majority of a game's main page with the funny/troll reviews being filterable, even the average rating showing up in game lists or in the game search engine. Nowadays, to buy a bad game on Steam without suspecting it, you have to be absolutely blind. That said, I still think that Valve should be more harsh towards games that have a majority of negative reviews. Make games with positive reviews take priority in everything, whether it's in the search engine, similar games, or recommendations. And if a major publisher doesn't like it that their latest absolute scam is put out of sight, how about they make better games.
One thing steam has going for it that other platforms pale in comparison is Social and the UI. You can customize your profile in a lot of ways you can't with other platforms, as well as even showcase images and artwork. The groups on steam are super cool as well since you can push announcements, host group chats, and there's even a discussion page that large groups can utilize. The UI on steam, while somewhat buggy, is very clean and functional and compartmentalizes many aspects of it reducing clutter. (store is basically an entirely different browsing experience compared to the library and the community.) Epic has always been pretty bad with UI's imo, and epic games launcher is no exception with a very clunky and unintuitive layout that makes it hard to find things and get to other things.
Pretty stupid hill to die on if you're going to make that argument and Epic launcher is your go to alternative. Steam needs competition, but we only benefit from it if they're a better platform than steam. They're not, infact Epic games launcher is much worse than Steam in almost every metric. Epic should be pulling people and games because they made a better service, not because they used their fortnite money to buy out developers and publishers.
Can epic even buy the exclusivity rights to Jims opinion?
Best possible store: Switches quality control with Steams review and tagging system, as well as GOG's DRM free attitude
cant believe they got jim as an epic game store exclusive oh wait yes i can
Jim hates steam so much he's willing to ignore the fact that it's still the best store available when it comes to features, just because he spends too much time dredging through the shit most people would never see by intentionally searching for it. If you don't go out of your way to find the shit on steam you'll never see 98% of it, it's not like the Switch store where finding games that aren't shovelware shit is actually difficult to do because Nintendo refuses to make searching the store easy.
Jim: anti-consumer practices are the worst plague in the videogame industry Also Jim: *endorses an anti-consumer videogame store*
As a developer that has a game on steam, the complaining about the 30% is really funny to me. Epic takes less, sure, but they offer NOTHING in return. They actually offer less than Discord, who takes even less of a cut. Both discord and steam actually offer quite a lot to developers and earn their cut. Epic is the worst store out there for developers at the moment, bar none.
Switches quality control? have you seen the utter crap that has flooded the Switch Eshop lately, it's practically thrown quality control out of the window with the amount of trash that's put on it.
that is pretty much true. Ninty was so adamant about the switch lacking in terms of library that its slowly pushing the DS and Wii aside in terms of amount of shoveware.
There are always going to be games that are a bit shit but this seems like such an extreme exaggeration. I check it often enough and its a steady pace, but nothing like steam. I sure as hell never see anything like we get on steam
Fucking EPIC? That's the hill you want to die on? I always disliked his smug shit but he has argued against unfair business practices in the past. That well of good faith is dried now. Epic is as bad as Amazon in that its one goal is to abuse its market domination with Fortenight to then drag steam games who people preordered already to be exclusive on Epic's launcher. A company with a Chinese puppet up its ass and a very good pipeline to flood the market with terrible practices.
The volume of bad games on the Switch is nothing compared to the volume on steam, because Nintendo add 30 games a week while steam can release 100 in a day. However, steam has an actual, effective algorithm which filters out the vast majority of the crap, especially if you're a long time user of steam, while the Switch store is just a raw chronological list of games released, a list of best sellers, and a list of upcoming games.
People still listen to Jim "nut on my face" Sterling?
I think the state of the industry is finally getting to him.
Where were these "steam is a monopoly and bad!" opinions back when GOG, Discord Store, itch.io, etc... became a thing? Why are people so adamant on supporting Epic Games Store and not other, better storefronts than Epic's, if Steam is so bad? People only seemed to care once they had a reason to look at Epic's store, like the bought-in exclusives, the free games they are giving out, or that Epic Games is a big name in the industry, and once they see that their account suddenly has value, or that they have a reason to use the shop, they go against all common sense just to defend their choices, avoiding critical thinking. Steam has faults. It's inevitable. But despite this, it has an incredible amount of features, unmatched by any other, and they also fight for Linux compatibility for games (Steam Play). You can also use very out-there controllers on your PC and make them compatible in any game, including non-Steam ones, thanks to Big Picture, which is also a good way to use Steam on a controller. And this is just a few of the many features it has. I'll likely continue to use Steam, but I also have no reason not to buy games from other storefronts: GOG's games are all DRM free and on itch.io, games get cool pages and even the developers can set themselves what cut they should get from the game, or just make it free or pay-what-you-want. All in all, if you want to buy a game and it's in multiple storefronts, why not buy it from the one that both benefits the costumer and the developer the most? That sounds like a better what of buying things instead of mindlessly defending platforms because of "competition".
Which is really weird because EA did the exact same thing (only less scummy) and people tore them to pieces for it when Origin was launched.
Normally I like Jim's content, but I fucking refuse to use Epic's launcher, fuck Epic Games right now, they've turned into right money hungry cunts and it's extremely annoying, I can accept EA having Origin for their stuff (even if I don't agree entirely), I can accept uPlay too(even if I don't really like it), but I'm not getting on board with Epic Game's business practices right now, they can piss off, they're just interested in themselves and making more money, ever since Fortnite Battle Royale they've been wanting more and more money.
Probably because the name "EA Games" was on it, which is a shame, Origin is not that bad, specially compared to the Epic Store.
As much as I don't like how Steam approaches things, I'll gladly take them over Epic any day; hell, I'd even take Origin over them. If they are so willing to screw over customers now with horrid exclusivity deals then its only a matter of time before they see how far they can push their limits.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/301471/23a94a53-7e37-4d84-9c70-aa340c7403e7/Screenshot_20190312-144327_YouTube.jpg Ouchie. Have to criticize and say that Epic right now is a huge downgrade vs Steam. Even if Steam has had shit show of games and troll products on their store. That's what you get for being a store. You're going to have these every now and then and if Epic allows everything it's gonna have that same issue too.
That still terrifies me that 14k people agree. Tencent has a 40% stake in Epic; just to put this in a certain perspective, by supporting Epic and its game launcher you also support a platform that's been used to trap dissenters, hide information about the current genocide that China is perpetuating and also control the public through social stats. By supporting Epic, even in getting free games, you're helping support a corporation with deep ties to the Chinese Government. It'd be like buying a VW Beetle during the reign of the Third Reich. And before I get people saying that this is a stretch, we're in a global fucking market, every dollar you make in some way negatively impacts the planet and someone so you should choose where you put that money wisely.
What scares me more is that Jim is against anti consumer. But Epic store is anti consumer at the moment and doesn't adhere to GDPR standards.
Because Jim only sticks to it when it is advantageous for himself. He's done this before where he's blown his load on something minor and etc. The fact of the matter is that his previous video is right, the AAA market is over saturated. If you think that's over saturated, just look at the indie market which is tidal wave. A lot of indies will complain about the market not seeing their games. That's fair, but you know what's not? Relying on a curated service which can pick and choose winners based on who pays more or *even better* who knows someone inside. Having an open market means everyone gets a shot, having a closed one means you lose out on a bunch. Does Steam need to do a better job of getting past the bullshit, yes. Have we heard about those kinds in awhile? Not really; they've actually become quite good at finding and removing asset flip games as compared to last year.
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