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So this looks a a bit better. The acting is still a little off but at least Genie might work. JAFAR IS STILL AWFUL.
Here's the poster. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/13587311-f80b-4f2d-b8bd-e02556361473/1552397541043[1].jpg I know people have pointed out countless times that Jafar looks like crap, but good lord the sultan looks super cheap.
I know this is a minor point but what is this composition? It's like they wanted to backgrounds and just decided to literally split the difference.
The usual comparing-two-things setup. Blue and orange are complementary colors which really makes things pop. The warm and friendly city compared to the cold and harsh desert. Well known civilization compared to the unknown world of magic. Rich treasures and royalty compared to poor slum boy. Just the usual.
An order of magnitude better than the last trailer.
Looks good, not 'I'm going to see it in theatres' good, but I'll rent it when it comes out.
I'm so excited to see this dumpster fire on opening day.
I'll say it: This trailer looks a lot better than the teaser we got before - but that's not saying much since that casting for Jafar is still fucking awful, and without at least Gilbert Gottfried as Iago the movie is DOR anyway. I do wonder if the intention was for the Genie to be blue the entire movie through and the backlash forced them to remove it, since that was all done in post.
To me the poster just screams "Here's a generic hot lead actor, generic hot princess, HOLY SHIT FUCKING WILL SMITH and a couple of other, less famous actors in less important roles."
Compared to most other live-action Disney films recently, this one at least looks like it has some enthusiasm.
Maybe I'm racist because the actors are brown but does this have a really bollywood feel to anyone else?
I feel like Jafar would look at least a bit better if he had a pointed beard
Mmmmmm okay I've gone from "Not interested" to "I'll see it if my friends do but I'll act like I'm not interested"
Will Smith singing A Friend Like Me Thanks I hate it.
Yea, the style looks more Indian than Arabic I mean hell look at the women's clothes for instance, they look more indian.
They really should have led with this rather than let us speculate on which shade of cringe their smurf from Bel-Air would take.
Call me crazy, but these moments with Will Smith Genie are...okay. like just okay, but far from the garbage teasers. Jafar is still terribly casted which is still like 50% of the movie for me. He just doesnt have the same energy or sadistic glee of Jonathan Freeman's performance in both the animated film and the Broadway musical. But if someone tells me that he nails the villain song then I may go see it, but I doubt it with those acting chops. https://youtu.be/UBXU8-P5EY4
Alright alright, I'm starting to get what they're going for
I just found out I probably never watched the original Disney movie, instead we had this knockoff-version where the villain is called Hassim and in the final battle he dies by stepping on his robe and impaling himself on his own sword. I am so mind-fucked right now, I have distant memories of this being the true Aladdin movie and that scene where he impales himself kinda fucked me up as a kid lol. I found a review of it. It all makes sense now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u_jAMQZskk
That city parkour was slick! Jafar seems like a toothless nancy and Smith still seems like he's playing himself. We'll see. I hope they keep up this trend of putting out trailers better than the last.
You know I think we all focused too much on Will Smith and almost missed how bad Jafar is. This trailer was definitely better than the last.
Mega-Iago confirmed https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/216394/315e6355-aff1-45ec-b8ce-95ca3a9dc182/iago.jpg
The non-CGI sets are really nice to look at. They're super vibrant and colorful. Besides Jafar, this honestly doesn't look too bad.
Honestly, that bit sold me. One of the things I never understood about Jafar was that he has this pet Parrot that can legit speak English but never uses him for anything except to sneak in and grab the lamp via a lame disguise (Iago can fly, you know that right Jafar?). So seeing this Mega-Iago chasing Aladdin makes me think that maybe they looked at the plot holes in the original and tried a different approach while achieving the same story?
jasmine isnt hot enough
you can see several scenes that has those bollywood dance number feel to them, like when genie is leading the parade and when jasmine and aladdin are dancing at the fancy ball.
What are you GAY?
This screen alone would look like a better Monster Hunter movie then the one we're getting. Also, ye. Will singing "A Friend Like Me" just doesn't sound right. It sounds off. Altho, "A Whole New World" seems fine. The bait-n-switch scene with menacing Genie should've been reversed. He looks more menacing when he's smiling. There's also a massive lack of perspective in it. If you wanted me to believe that Blue Smith is terrifying, you're going to need more then just a lightning trick. Should've made it massive and have a Aladdin in the shot as reference. Maybe even a upward angle from the floor. But then again, you can't make Will Smith look menacing at all by default. It's impossible. Look at Suicide Squad, After Earth and whatever other appearance he has where he acts mean. He's not convincing at all. He has too much of a nice guy face.
I mean, it really is an amalgamation of different "Oriental" cultures. A genie in a lamp, tigers, a sultan, a Taj Mahal-like castle... Aladdin already did just grab a bunch of stuff from that region of the world and mash em together because "close enough." That said, holy shit, I want this movie to succeed so badly, just for the sake of it's not white-washed. They actually hired people of color for actors. And it? Really doesn't look bad at all. Like, I genuinely wanna see it, now.
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