• Mitt Romney blows out his birthday candles like a psychopath
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I might not like the man, but this seems a little petty.
Funny but he doesn't want to blow across (and possibly spit on) food that other people are going to eat.
I've seen this done before, it's definitely so he doesn't blow on the cake.
thats just being courteous.
Courteous and cute
Big woop has never been more fitting.
I had no idea there was a sanitary way to blow out candles and now I might just do it too when there's non-family guests around
I hate when people attack someone I hate over something so trivial and petty. Like, I wish Mitt Romney would get fucked by a weed whacker. But he's clearly just being courteous and not spitting all over the cake like a goddamn animal. So I feel bad and sympathetic for the guy. Stop that.
this really just makes me think of Sean Hannity calling out Obama for putting dijon mustard on a burger https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132554/51b62eb3-a705-4298-b49b-2f7592df8ab6/image.png
If it was still a balloon, it would be more appropriate for a birthday.
Honestly it’s a little strange at first but when you think about it, it’s pretty nice. He’s not blowing spit all over the cake and he’s taking out the candles as he goes so they don’t drip everywhere
Or for wearing a tan suit.
I forgot Mitt Romney was even alive You know I met him one time back in 2008 outside of a Gamestop in Queens. I looked up and there he was. Waiting in line for the midnight release of Farcry 2, my favorite game. He made eye contact with me and he smiled at the recognition on my face. "m-mitt romney" "that's right kiddo" I was a mere 13 and Mitt Romney was my hero "wh-what are you doing here?" "I was going to ask you the same" then he addressed me by my full name "how did you know my name" I retorted in sheer amazement "I know all of my voter's names, you guys keep me going just all the love and support I pray mormon prayers every night to all of my voters" "M-me? G-great?" I had never been called anything other than a faggot for my entire life "that's right kiddo" I prayed to mormon jesus right then and there to pinch me because I must be dreaming He didn't answer "Romney you're the best" he then winked at me "please call me Mitt" Then he lost the election to that nig-[this post has been censored by the Obama administration]
This just further humanized him for me.
I always swing a plate or other cloth at the candles to blow them out. I also don't want to get spit all over a cake other people are eating. I don't see how this does anything else besides make Romney look considerate?
Politics just brings the worst out of people. That's where the 'no politics at the dinner table' rule comes from.
From the title I was expecting him to just start putting them out directly with his fingers or something
I was expecting him to eat the candles based on the description.
Thread backfired on me
sounds like a bit of an exageration, but whatever
there's a lot to criticize about him (like his mormon super-underwear-onezies, on sale at a temple near you!) but this ain't one of them.
just as ridiculous as people trying to pass this off as psychopathy
Is that a cake of twinkies?
Avoids getting your germs and melted wax on the cake. Neat
Eeeexcept hes still blowing directly onto the cake. But yea, probably still better than sputtering all over the cake in one breath.
I have an amazing mental image of someone doing this and swinging a little too close and just fucking batting the cake all over the party-goers. But yeah, dude is weird for other reasons but not this. Also he's frighteningly one of the more reasonable people in his party right now.
Real budgeting taken into account.
People get upset over this? Our ex pm literally took a bite out of a fucken raw onion
He just doesn't want to blow across the food before everyone eats it. No big deal
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