• M.A.S.S. Builder - Build & Customize Your Own Mechs to Fight an Alien Invasion
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbKM4GE5RUE Currently on Kickstarter, looks pretty promising and fun. There's a downloadable playable demo as well.
Jesus, those anime girls look so out of place compared to literally everything else shown.
I can see where the mass is 👀 https://puu.sh/CZ0YL/c6a02d5ac3.png
Not entirely if you ask me, these are pretty Japanese mecha designs and gameplay style. The alien designs look pretty darn anime as well. I can see where it can be somewhat jarring with those gigantic honkers, but otherwise it's what I expected. Now if these were slow, bulky gritty mechs with not-so-fast-paced combat, it really would be out of place. Anyway... As someone who's been craving more good high action mecha games, this looks pretty fun. Definitely needs more work in the sound department, but since it's fairly unfinished, it'll probably get better as time goes on. Least I'd sure hope so... Don't know how to feel about this being a Kickstarter thing though. They rarely end up anywhere good.
I'm assuming those are just placeholder sound effects.
I was just looking at this the other day aswell, good to see a playable Demo.
From my understanding, it would be a lot like the Gundam Breaker games it seems. Yes please.
Gameplay does not look promising that's for sure.
Gameplay sounds like it was pulled from the basic fx library, but I'm liking everything else about it. It's almost like the game I had planned, although faster and too much tiddy.
Played the demo yesterday, it's super anime styled in the movement, I mean I was expecting this given the look of the game, but it's kinda ridiculous. I've never been able to get behind this kind of thing either, Western Mechs with their industrial like appearance and slow moving parts has always worked for me, but not these 80 foot tall humanoid shaped machines darting around like they weight about a kilogram, it's not my cup of tea at all.
Damn, I thought this was a completely different type of game until Tiddie-san slid into frame. How fucking jarring.
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