• Google GDC Teaser
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Only on G-Box!
epic hallways
The madlads are really gonna do it
it's bizarre to me that I haven't seen a single mention of the ouya in any of the news articles I've read about this gbox
Not sure if gaming hardware reveal or Google Game Engine reveal...
Probably a streaming box/stick that supports their Chrome Game Stream. They have tested it last year with AC: Odyssey: Google tests game streaming service with Assassin’s Creed Odysse.. Chrome even got specific Nintendo Switch Pro controller support in a recent update. Either way, if it is really that then I'm not interested at all. Game streaming, especially paired with "renting" games is just terrible in my opinion. Not that it will happen here but game streaming is a serious threat to various parts of regular gaming if this becomes the only way to get certain games. From basic things like owning the game (which already can be shaky), to modding, offline play etc. all that would be gone. Its probably what publishers would love to have.
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