• Tactical Breach Wizards: Early Prototype
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYJR4Ts-ylE From Tom Francis, creator of Gunpoint and Heat Signature, yet another game about pushing foes out of windows. CAUTION ARMED PRIEST may be my favorite thing I've ever seen emblazoned on a shield.
Tom Francis is a cool dude making cool games. I met him at GDC and fanboi'd too hard and didn't really say anything
I'd honestly be okay with those UI icons, they've got a nice charm to them. Also I'm loving the amount of options it showcases and just the kind of teamwork you can pull off.
The gameplay is like Heat Signature meets Doorkickers meets Into the Breach and the art style/theme is hilarious. This game looks awesome!
Move over, Shadowrun Returns. There's a new tactical, squad-based, urban fantasy game.
Remarkably unique combo of near future tacticool and high fantasy. I think that what probably happened was that the dev liked the tactical setting and the high fantasy one equally and could not decide between the two and essentially just decided to go with both simultaneously.
I remember seeing art for this game yeeeears ago. This was such a cool surprise
This looks fun!
fuck me I love the cop designs.
Yea, he posted a pitch for it a while ago The concept art is pretty stellar https://www.pentadact.com/wp-content/Class_CQBW-notes.png https://www.pentadact.com/wp-content/Class_T1-notes-1.png https://www.pentadact.com/wp-content/Class_RP-notes.png https://www.pentadact.com/wp-content/Class_HWW-notes.png
I remember when the concept art was first posted and how awesome it was. And the guy's games are fantastic. I'm glad window-based enemy removal is just becoming standard.
It's a literal franchise now. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1891/20ebd2d2-3093-4cb0-ab28-be2284ec2b39/image.png
I've been waiting for something like this https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/527/e6ccb445-536e-482e-8858-29431521d424/1532801297382.jpg
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