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The madman even recreated his "Nintendo Power" intro
Oh he's taking me back to the past alright, to the past of carelessly coming to my grandmothers after school for dinner and watching his videos with my brother and my cousin on the PC in 2009
I still have old CD Action magazines right from the late 90s. I remember getting other ones such as Click!, Play and some other polish magazines about video games. But the only thing that lives in my heart is one polish TV channel which shared the same place but started at 8 PM called Hyper (RIP 2001 - 2014). Even to this day, the old intro they've had still gives me goosebumps (From 0:21). Was there when it was born, but not when it died . Since at 2002 we've moved to the other place, but least my grandmother had it (Until the TV service replaced it with Fox Kids) https://youtu.be/yZ1JNohlQXQ?list=PLbtZaRlhjOz2K_ATFilG_p2qppaVp4UxP&t=21
You know, that whole "It may be mean to make fun of a kid's drawing in an old magazine but he is a grown-up now and should be able to take it now" is actually a pretty good lesson.
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