• Team Takedown - BullyHunters 2
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It could work hiring a dude that makes your kid ragequit so he can enjoy the outside world. Or, you know... TALK WITH THE GODDAMN KID?
I feel like I should criticise this but honestly the idea of someone hiring a bunch of gamers to make their kid get so mad they ragequit is too funny to me.
literally opposite of bullyhunters, they are... the bullies..? but how would this even work lol the parents (usually clueless) would actually have to #1 know the game they are playing #2 know their in-game name #3 what they actually think games nowadays have a server browser where you can join some stranger's game?
This is actually pretty funny and clever tbh I can't really shit on it, what more is there to say
but but but this thing is real?? https://www.aldi.co.uk/teatime-takedown actually it seems that they got the first 2 steps covered.
Jokes on you I only play single player games.
Be sure to play offline in Dark Souls or invaders will roast your ass come dinner time.
Do parents not know how to set active hours on their broadband? Sure, some internet providers may not offer it, but how hard is it to turn the router off at the plug socket or manually switch the router off?
If you're a giant pussy then sure
Hell, Most game consoles now have time limits too
So, you spent who knows how much money to get your account blocked and possibly reported by following some kid, or at the very least, unable to join the session because its full? I mean, this only works to get you mocked Aldi...
next innovation will be a service to swat your kid when he doesnt stop streaming
Oh no ALDI said he has my IP
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