• Starwars: Podracer remade in Unreal 4
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Now this is podracing etc etc
That's pretty damn cool, but sadly Disney is 100% going to take it down. First rule of fan-made games on large franchises is do not reveal it until it's done, so even when you do get a DMCA it'll be already out there on the net. (See Nintendo and that Metroid 2 remake)
Already can't use his download link.
In most stuff like this though, the creator doesn't go out seeking to do a full remake. It's often just a creative exercise. This guy has an art station account, so he could have just done this for his portfolio.
Unpopular opinion: I liked racer revenge better.
Unpopular opinion: Starwars is too fake/unrealistic neerd shit to be interesting in any way.
I like both equally.
Really wish this guy would shut the fuck up for a few seconds and just let me enjoy the gameplay
https://youtu.be/gtmRsen9yh4 Don't have to watch past 5 or so min because the demo he shows is completely irrelevant but the pics are cool.
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