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I played it on release day. It is the most relentless, innovative, best frustrating game I have ever played. I gave it a negative rating on Steam, but if you are a hardass motherfucker who is patient and resolute, Rain World is extremely rewarding. It's very different compared to conventional platformers. I guess he's recommending it now because it recently came out on Switch.
Oh wow I didn't even know it came out already. I remember following it before release and for some reason it just went under my radar when it actually came out. Really glad to hear how great the game is. Definitely gonna get it soon.
I could never get into Rain World because crouching was mapped to pressing down, and the control is super sensitive on a controller. It felt like Slugcat would crouch at random because my analogue stick was pointed at 4 o'clock rather than locked to 3 o'clock. All that they need to fix the game for me is a dedicated crouch button, there are plenty of free buttons on the controller.
I bought this on Switch a while back. I really enjoy the atmosphere and sense of aesthetic, but the difficulty is brutal so I don't often get long play sessions in. Nevertheless, it's an enjoyable game that's definitely worth the purchase if you're into those kinds of experiences from an artistic point of view.
I love Rain World so while I’m elated that one of my favorite Youtube reviewers covered and recommended it, it’s a bit of a shame that it is only just a recommendation and not one of his longer length reviews. I know with this video he wanted to keep the experience pretty spoiler-free for people who are on the fence about approaching the game, but 75% of RW content on Youtube ends after Outskirts and Industrial Complex because it only takes that long for most people to realize the game’s not for them. Knowing that he did enjoy it while still falling into that category leaves me a bit torn. I’m happy that more people will get to experience the loving cruelty of this game because of this review but I would have loved to hear Matt’s thoughts on some of the later parts of the game.
Off-screen deaths? For a game an otaku-journalist might declare "the dark souls of platformers" that has to be the worst way to piss the player off just for the sake of pissing the player off.. Not because of any error on the side of the player, but because the game rolled a 1 sided die that says "die".
From what I heard, some of the more harsh elements got patched out after 1.0, though it still left the game with a bunch of 5/10 scores from review sites.
"the dark souls of platformers" would be so, so inaccurate. The whole point of Dark Souls is that there actually isn't much punishment for death, aside from loss of resources that you don't actually hold onto a lot of at once in the first place. Dark Soul's "forgiving" nature is a critical part of its design because it heavily rewards throwing caution to the wind and tackling areas that you aren't ready for, since you keep any items you collect and shortcuts are opened permanently, and boss fights are an ordeal where you're SUPPOSED to die repeatedly until you beat it. Rain World may very well be the opposite of Dark Souls when it comes to difficult games.
Once you're good enough you can "hear" them off-screen. Being extremely cautious and map knowledge are huge components of the game. But when you are just starting out and are clueless, yeah that shit can tilt anyone.
im sorry... it was my intention to poke fun at these ""game journalists"" that love to take a shortcut and relate a difficult game to dark souls. but still, i hope they take measures to give the player a chance. in the video's example: you pop out the other side of the screen and get devoured; i just hope there IS some cue the player can use to not suffer such a bullshit fate. reminds me of the bullshit deaths in Hotline Miami[2] where an offscreen sniper blows you away and the only take-away is "hey memorize that this off-screen sniper is waiting to waste you at this specific level"
Like pre-firing in shooters, you can back out a pipe preemptively to scout the other side. When an enemy is VERY close to the pipe the entrance will flash the enemy's color. To be frank, this is one of the least "bullshit" aspect of the game. There are a lot of things that are equally if not more frustrating to deal with. Game's 95% rage 5% sex.
i bought and finished this game after watching the video and it was such an incredible and memorable experience. there's so much to say about it, mostly good and a bit bad. what i loved the most was the art and atmosphere of the game and how organic and interesting the ecosystem is. it was such a fascinating game. it's hard to recommend though because while there's so much i like about it, the difficulty and the way losing karma can impede progression can be really frustrating. it's also really long, which along with the frustrating progression could cause someone to just drop the game before they finish. some other questionable design decisions that come to mind include: the way that you learn most of the games lore by bringing pearls to big sis moon is ridiculous and asking way too much for the player, especially when the world is so difficult to traverse. maybe it would work if you had an extra inventory to store pearls, but i still don't like the idea of hiding so much of the worlds lore behind this incredibly tedious side quest. the screen transitions can really mess you up. the controls and movement systems are way too vague. you shouldn't have to look up a wiki to learn half the game movement options. due to the time limit and how you lose karma on death the game really discourages you from experimenting and actively punishes you for it. i think if just a few things were changed this game could really be a masterpiece. it's definitely one of my favourite games now.
The game is filled with little clues like this that are easy to miss for a new player, like the music will also change if a predator is nearby, something that's vital to survive vulture attacks And it's a bit of a shame because it's a brilliant game through and through but it requires throwing out all preconceptions that the game will spell everything out for you, something that most players aren't going to understand and will end up getting really frustrated And you can't really blame them too much for it but without going into spoilers, the game's difficulty and learning curve are thematically linked to the story Overall Rain World is the best game I've ever played that I wouldn't recommend because it takes a specific kind of person to really understand it and enjoy it
Rain World is probably one of my favorite games of all time. Even though I'm not good at all at 2D platformers and I can't get the advanced tech movement down, I still really enjoy it. It's a game that I just love to mess around in for hours interacting with all the creatures in the ecosystems (they even added an arena/sandbox feature that you can put exotic creatures in together and see how they interact, which is awesome), but it's such a niche game that I understand it won't appeal to most people. Which is fine, there's nothing wrong with a game being niche. However, for some people who are interested but still on the fence about it, someone has put together a modded rebalanced mode that provides a decent drop in difficulty and removes a lot of the more frustrating portions. The game has an in game 'easy mode' called The Monk, but it's kind of a mixed bag since it locks you out of some major lore pieces while also ironically making some creatures more tricky to deal with by making their body language more ambiguous. (In normal and hard mode, it's important to read creature's body language to know if they're searching for you, unaware of you, or friendly towards you. Playing the Monk, creatures are less aggressive but can still be inclined to attack if you get too close, and it's hard to discern between a creature that is ignoring you or one that will kill you if you're walking past it) If you want to try out Rain World for the atmosphere, the creature AI and the exploration but are worried about the difficulty. I'd offer that you give this a try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0GkYBZynWc The mod can also be downloaded here: RainDB That's another thing that's awesome about the game: the modding community. Currently there's a huge project underway that's adding a bunch of content and more playable slugcats with extra mechanics and twists to them that I'm really excited for.
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