• Freight Train Hopping
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https://youtu.be/MvV1sHDWP5o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8EcDw-kuOY The first video was recommended to me by YouTube and I kinda fell down a hole. Super dangerous but there's something charming about it.
I have done it a few times to get around to different fishing spots around NoDak. It's pretty liberating. The only thing I can really warn about is people not putting their feet on proper and getting sucked under the train and turned into mince. Another problem is that one hobo gang on the rails that mugs, rapes, and kills folks.
I hope you watched Big Dave's freight hop. It's a must watch for anyone who hasn't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUg0jFO7NTo
Oh yeah, Brave Dave's train hop is on my Watch Later. I heard he got banned from North America for 10 years. Bummer!
This stuff is spectacularly illegal. Looks fun though.
This is the first thing I was going to link when I saw this thread, Shame he got banned from NA when he tried it again.
And also very dangerous!
that was Canada. he was going to film a sequel to Big Fat Freight Hop -- even raised the money for it through crowdfunding, then got told to turn around at the airport terminal as he was banned from Canada for freight hopping. apparently the authorities found the videos of him in the act of doing it
So I heard, but apparently he's not allowed in the US either because the US and Canada share stuff when it comes to crime. I just got to part 4 of his series, it's made for an entertaining work day, that's for sure
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDn2FgpeBBo No one posting Stobe attack? let me fix that. Died in 2017 while trying to get off an Amtrak rail and got dragged by the train, but I can not recommend his videos enough, relaxing and fun with his piano covers with a good amount if wittiness. R.I.P Stobe.
A sobering reminder of the very real danger of the hobby.
Ive always wanted to do this to get across the country. I know it's illegal as shit but it's a victimless crime and seems like a great way to see parts of the us that most don't.
jesus christ what
Freight Train Riders of America, they are not as active as they were in the 90's, but they have a no-non sense policy for dealing with folks that piss them off.
What a bunch of loonies, geez
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