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what a hot take
His cynical tone and indifferent, monotonous voice is starting to annoy me, and I'm British.
I mean the title of the video is hyperbole because that's just his channel, I watched this the other night and it's pretty fair imo.
I can't stop thinking about the main character saying "Get glitched", dear lord that writing pretty bad.
The incredibly awkward step forward really makes it just awful.
"I'm sick of cocky, too-cool-for-school protagonists" Boy I hate to be a bearer of bad news to inform him about a certain demon hunter in a flamboyant red coat.
Dante's nothing like that He's a huge lame nerd who's cool because he doesn't care and isn't trying to be cool
Like, he even says that Anthem COULD have been great, he even sees the potential in it. I really feel it's faults were all due to pressure by EA. The potential is there.
Yeah that line is better off Missing.
I get the feeling you've never played a Devil May Cry game. https://twitter.com/Cade_Onder/status/1103350720714158082 https://youtu.be/cpME4riPI1k https://youtu.be/2EWXRRC-O7U
I'll never understand his "whatching a cutscene where characters have their faces hiding is instantly bad/it's the reason WHY is bad" Why is he surprised that in a game about suits there's cut scenes where they are in their suits, and does he not understand body language?
You mean the player character? It isn't bad it's just redundant since the game lets you customize your character's face. I for one find it refreshing because they don't have to do that "don't talk to me until I take off my visor"
Characters are all being shot at and a nuclear bomb is about to go off oh let me take off my helmet of my invisibility suit for 2 whole minutes so I can have a conversation about how I love the taste of your cum even though being seen means we fail, before running off to save the day and then I save the day with 0.00000001 miliseconds to spare
There's a world of difference between self-aware goofball and genuine edgelord.
Wew this is something to unpack. This isnt a insult to Dante or saying hes a edgelord, but more or less saying if IHE didnt like the "too cool for school" archetype he certainly wouldn't like the goofball that is Dante who can be like this a tad bit, but nothing on the level of DMC's Donte. It's more or less saying his broad definition of the protagonist is a bit broad with what hes mentioning. Dante is definitely cool in the whole self-aware lame nerd that he is. And yes I am playing Devil May Cry, starting with 1 and ending with 5 skipping 2. Its going well actually.
I'll be honest, watching this video, I DID find the *flowers* "NO" scene funny. Pretty much the only attempt at humor (on Anthem's part) I saw in the video that I actually like. But then I saw that later clip in the video of the same character stopping a thief. I realized they weren't going for "I have some prince charming wannabe who bugs me a lot" but instead "look how AWESOME and STONE COLD I am", and I stopped finding it funny.
I find it kinda perplexing, when games have these super special things to them and they just call it something mundane like an occupation or a weapon that has little actual resemblance. Do the people flying jets in Titanfall not also count as pilots? Do the people in Destiny who guard things outside of the traveller not count as guardians? Do the people who do independent contract work outside of piloting robot suits and shooting shit not count as freelancers? Well, freelancer is probably only used because it puns with javelins and I mean... What do javelins, short throwing spears, have to do with robotic exoskeletons? If you hear the word "titan" and see a giant robot, you'd be like "yeah, I get it". I don't feel the same way about what Anthem calls javelins. Is there something about it I just didn't pick up on?
Apparently I'm the only person on the planet that didn't like the Legion of Dawn helmets because I hear this complaint so much, the LoD helmets don't have working visors for some reason but if you're wearing the default helmet you actually will be able to see your character's face in most of the third person cutscenes
yeah, it sounds like they just chose names at random
I guess it's because, like a real javelin, Javelins fly fast and far, and are weapons? Or maybe it's like a Javelin missile and it's a reference to all the explosive shit most Javelins pour out for their abilities. It's not a good name, even compared to Destiny's proper noun clusterfuck.
I think there's room to argue about the symbolic connotations of a word like javelin, but I hardcore agree when the word they use to name their special thing is super generic. It's like in DMC when the demon fighting secret society was named "the order" like come on, at least make it the order of something to differentiate them from any other organization that calls itself an order.
Literally this. Dante is a huge dweeb but owns it and THAT makes him cool
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