• Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer
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I'm so hyped for this
Should've used some Thanos shots alongside the avenger scenes. Everyone in despair with sad faces and anger then cut to Thanos chilling out on the fields watching crops grow with a smile on his face.
Looking pretty good, although having them show Tony just like that kinda removes the suspense of wondering if he actually makes it back alive or at all, I wasn't entirely sure if he was actually going to die to be honest, but now I guess he certainly isn't. Brie Larson though, her acting (from what I've heard/read as Captain Marvel) was pretty meh, plus as a person she's kinda meh too, I can't help but look at her and think that I don't really want to see much of her.
I'm assuming this trailer is still using footage from the first minutes of the film as to not spoil the rest of the film?
There might be some action clips from later in the film but there's so little context that they don't spoil anything
Thanos with the full gauntlet and no reason to hold back.
Two trailers and a superbowl spot, and they still haven't spoiled anything. This truly is an unprecedented marketing campaign.
1:57 so they're not really hiding the fact that Tony makes it back to Earth.
I really liked the way they used old footage in black and white with only the reds kept in for parts of this trailer, looks great. Looking forward to seeing what this movie will bring.
LEGO set leaks already spoiled that, actually
That fucking nobody...is Scott Lang. I once saw him kill a space god with a pencil. A fucking https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/f8006c7f-1984-4050-84e4-f1b914739e9a/1552570959463[1].webm pencil
You ever see that really new movie John Wick? With the pencil thingy?
Regarding Tony, I'm taking that with a grain of salt. Obviously he's not going to just die in space and stay dead, but there's a lot of shit that could go down. Also remember that MARVEL LIES IN TRAILERS (and in Lego sets.)
In the IW trailer the hulk is shown in Wakanda. So Marvel definitely does change them to deceive viewers
This is why I'm believing nothing the trailers show. I'm taking them as Oooo. Hype. That being said. I really liked the slow shift in the overall music/theme song.
LEGO sets are 100% accurate to the films. https://img.brickowl.com/files/image_cache/larger/lego-iron-man-vs-the-mandarin-ultimate-showdown-set-76008-15-2.jpg Don't you remember Iron Man 3's finale where Trevor ran over Killian in a souped-up mobility scooter before fighting Iron Man to the death in it?
My prediction is that Tony sticks around, but won't be a star, anymore. He'll have a role in future movies similar to that of Homecoming, but to a lesser degree. Cameos. Cap. might bite it, though.
Thanos adopts the redneck lifestyle, and is armed with a sawn off shotgun, and a lifted pick-up truck.
I mean, the guardians ship is still on the planet where tony is, and you see him in it, I don't think it's a great leap that he worked out how to fly it.
nebula is on the same planet as tony as well
This is the expectation because Captain America's nature is to be selfless. But I wholly expect Tony to make the sacrifice. Ever since the first Avengers movie, he has been building towards that, trying to do more and more to make the world better, putting his life and legacy on the line. He travels through the portal to get rid of the nuke in Avengers. He creates the robots that ultimately lead to Ultron trying to have a force not dependent upon them being there. He fights his friends trying to protect the world from their collateral damage and lack of accountability. He tries to raise Spiderman not to follow in his footsteps but to be someone closer to the ground. He throws himself on to a spaceship with no guarantee he can return. Tony has been committing more and more of himself to protecting everyone and keeping people like him from existing again. Tony wants to make the sacrifice. At this point Tony is living just to sacrifice himself either as Iron Man or in totality.
The moment from Infinity Gauntlet where Cap is the last man standing and he walks right into Thanos' face better be in the movie.
they actually made it a serious point to show the gauntlet is fried in some shape or form. he will probably just have energy projection or whatever now. he still overpowered like 6 people combined without his gauntlet in IW.
My theory is that Thanos never actually had the soul stone, and because his "love" for Gamora was not real love, he got a version of the Soul Stone that itself wasn't the real or full thing, leading to a "snap" that was incomplete. This is why they'd be able to bring everyone back, and they'd have to use the real soul stone to do it.
Given we see Cap in a battle non red and white, they may actually just grab Marvel and then try to body Thanos full frontal and not only does that not work out well, but only Scott or Tony make it and through time travel cause thanos is just that fuck you, so scott or tony actually warn them again not to confront Thanos directly, cause they need a good ass plan AND some good ass peeps to get it to work.
My theory isthey'll just get whatever collection of stones they need to control time from Thanos and revert everything back to before the snap. Pretty sure I remember they point out at one point the glove can control time and space when fully powered.
The next trailer should be just Thanos trying to get rid of blight from his corn paired with intense action trailer music as he puts on his gardening gloves.
and then it shows clip of him picking some carrots or some shit but with each carrot he plucks it supercuts to a different avenger turning into snap dust
That lighthearted moment at the end could have caused some horrible tonal dissonance, yet they handled it brilliantly. Given that the trailers haven't provided any major spoilers, I'm thinking they've got some people who know what they're doing and really care about the results. Also, did Rocket survive the snap? I thought Tony was the only one who survived on that planet
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