• Battlefield V Official Firestorm Reveal Trailer (Battle Royale)
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-JB-O8A-TA Curious to see what Criterion has done to make a vehicle based BR game work. Cautiously optimistic given their miraculous ability to turn Starfighter Assault in SWBFII into an actual fun mode.
I hope this turns out to be a good and fun gamemode, would give me a reason to actually play BFV and not feel like I wasted that money.
This actually looks fun, that trailer was ace.
Forgive me for being a butt, but it's basically just a custscene with explosions.
In all fairness, there's a few gameplay-ish snippets there just with the surrounding soldiers playing custom cinematic animations which was a possible thing to do even with community tools in BF1. Actual gameplay trailer along with Chapter 3 content and a new roadmap is coming next week. Given how half-assed Chapter 2 was, I'd expect the game to properly get a content stream and plan going following the wrapping up of Firestorm here.
You're indeed a butt but I forgive you.
Looks promising at least.
I don't care about the heckin haters this looks fuck
i haven't played any of these battle royale games. but i played the shit out of bf2. and bad company 2. haven't touched it since then. but this looks pretty dang good.
firestorm's trailer strikes that balance between being quirky but not full-blown over the top like the very first reveal trailer for BFV was, very much reminiscent of Bad Company in its style
Considering I already love BFV's gameplay, I am cautiously excited for a battle royale in an engine actually designed to handle it and an already established core gameplay, where the shooting doesnt feel like it fell down 3 flights of low tick-rate stairs.
regardless of how good the gamemode is, that was a great trailer
one of the better trailers ive seen from dice in a while. also really cool use of talking heads. if the trailer does a good job at portraying how the gamemode plays out i might actually buy it.
It's ridiculous how much a good song can draw me in like a sucker when it comes to trailers. I uninstalled BFV after like maybe a month cause I just wasn't enjoying it, but this trailer has me pining to reinstall it like magic
I was one of those haters who thought that BFV doing a battle royale was a waste of time, but I'm actually curious to try this. It's more befitting of BFV's super weird tonal problems and like Strawberry said, the trailer gives me some real Bad Company vibes.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pTp_ZeZ7Z4 For anyone who wants to see a more gameplay-focused trailer The fire effects of the circle looks fantastic
I'm not really excited for Battle Royale and I think I'm done with Battlefield V in any case but I'll be damned if that wasn't a fantastic trailer.
being able to fire a secondary while downed is something that i'm surprised has taken this long to make it into a battle royale.
ah, Battle of Crete the gamemode
Eh. I might try it, but honestly bfv seemed to be missing something...It just didn't seem like battlefield to me, but hey maybe this will be fun.
Nadespam on strike at karkand?
compare to this trailer made 9 years ago, there's few shared elements I like such as mini-narrative of following a squad https://youtu.be/KnQc9PjpZsk?t=59
Do they..? They look like something someone threw together in a GMod addon to me.
idc to me all this means is they spent their time on something more important than fixing something that nobody should really give a shit about besides the rest of the game still looks amazing so a small fuck up like that is like whatever
It's DICE. They've always made killer trailers for what end up being fairly subpar things. Battlefield 3's launch trailer for the singleplayer was kickass, but the singleplayer was lacking in pretty much every way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIUJh2mA8vg Same story with every trailer they've ever put out. Especially with Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Battlefront 1, the list goes on. I am just tired of getting burned by DICE because of a trailer being good.
Right, Dice's capacity to make impressive trailers is well known, bar some hiccups. The crux of it is that you have to be gullible as shit to think they remotely represent the game you're being sold.
Honestly battlefield gunplay and movement with that kind of backpack and inventory system sounds honestly pretty damn fun. I can't believe I'm saying this but this mode might be what gets me to try this game
don't buy the game just because of this trailer but if you already bought the game you might as well reinstall it to try it out
Isn't Firestorm supposed to be free to play?
later down the line, I think don't quote me on that
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