• [Neil Cicierega] - GameCube Controller
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Neil Cicierega is stuck in a permanent time loop in the 90s and can only come to our timeline for a few hours at a time to visit
I like that he needed to use an effect to make himself wink.
everyone has been talking about this guy recently and I have still no idea who he is
He's been around for a long time.
lemon demon? ultimate showdown? brodyquest?
He's the modern internet renaissance man
He is an extremely prolific musician/entertainer/memelord. Chances are high he's made something you'd recognise. He made music under the name LemonDemon, including 'The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny', he made the Harry Potter Puppet Pals (with others), he made the various Mouth remix albums (which heavily feature Smash Mouth and Shrek references, hence the name), and a bunch of other shit. Just check out his youtube channel, it's filled with classics.
Oh hey yeah I know that one
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