• Contrapoints Is De-Radicalizing Young, Right-Wing Men (HBO)
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Good. I'm glad there's some people out there pushing against the intense rise of the far right on Youtube. She's really awesome and hope she continues to grow.
The solution to extremism is never to just shit on those who you view as being extreme over and over and over again. It requires actually understanding what caused someone to be or feel the way they are, and approaching them like a human being and offering them dignity. Which is obviously extremely fucking difficult because we humans almost literally feed on being vindictive
Another thing that's happening at the same time is that a lot of right wing channels are shedding viewership, to the extent that some of them have discontinued culture war videos entirely like armored skeptic. IMHO the fate of the atheist channels (which current generation of right wing culture war channels came from) is repeating with the right wing channels shedding viewership because people are just becoming sick of their repetitive and angsty content. Except unlike creationist channels that gave up trying to push back, Left tube channels are growing stronger and gaining influence in the real world. Whether or not this youtube movement has a lasting impact is going to come down to whether or not just they just run out of ideas for videos.
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