• Sniper Elite V2 Remastered - Reveal Trailer
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Guess this is just something really more for current-gen consoles, but it would had been nicer if they remastered the first game instead.
Don't put a "v" in front of a sequel and then remaster it "v" means "version". "Remastered" is just "a new version". This is literally "Sniper V2 V2" Whoever though "version" belonged in a new game title is an idiot.
Why did this need a remaster?
They're using Vnum sequel titles as reference to the V-2 rockets, which in SE V2 there's a mission at the primary V-2 rocket factory. There also was an unfinished V-3 cannon project in France that was destroyed before completion during WWII, but I'm not sure if that's in Sniper Elite V3.
I'd argue they shouldn't title their games in a confusing way hoping that people who play the game will get it but I'll grant that there's definitely an actual reason for it that I wasn't aware of.
What is there to remaster? It's not that old
Actually the entire story of V2 is about disrupting the development of the V2 rockets and taking out the officers and scientists responsible for their development.
Remaster just means port basically nowadays; it's marketing lingo.I have no problem with it since I tend to support ports to the next gen out of simply convenience, if nothing else, but it is a bit disingenuous in most cases.
It does add some new features, but not enough to justify the name.
Yeah this game probably didn't need a remaster but it's at least an excuse for the MP to be populated again I suppose. I personally enjoyed SE V2's MP the most out of the other games.
But it's not really that confusing lol, if you've played the game or not
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