• Swampletics: Morytania Ultimate Ironman
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https://youtu.be/sm-3CTpmB00 If you haven't actually seen this series yet, it's extremely interesting and worth the watch. https://youtu.be/rk5XuqLrf3U
Without a doubt the best OSRS series on youtube right now. It's interesting to watch, even if you don't play the game.
The problem with these videos is that in order to enjoy them the viewer must already have expert knowledge about Runescape, otherwise everything he says sounds like an arbitrary soup of gibberish actions, he does not explain how anything works in the game or what anything actually does.
Sorry, are we watching the same series?
Sorry I must have accidentally clicked on some unrelated Runescape shit or something, I tried to watch one of the videos again and it was not even remotely similar to what I watched before.
Sure, but you can pick up a lot of things from these videos, even if you have next to no knowledge of the game. I know people who barely played the game, and got back into it because of this series.
There are a lot of copy-cat "locked ironman" videos popping up from other popular OSRS youtubers, but they're just awful. You can just tell they're desparate to hop on this series' popularity.
Been watching this since the first couple of episodes, never expected to be subscribing to someone for Runescape based content in 2019
As someone who hasn't played OSRS in over 15 years, I had no idea about his explinations for his set up in episode 1, but other than that, he explains everything else he's doing pretty well and have been able to follow along no problem with episode 2 and after.
Right, but they're not nearly as popular right now. Here's an actual good copy-cat parody series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B2PBXicnpY&t=488s
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