• Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing - A Breakdown
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The fact that this film won both best sound editing and best editing at the oscars just proves that the Academy really don't know/give a fuck about the actual film making and just want to throw an annual party for their celebrity friends.
Goddamn that greenscreen in the sit-down scene makes me nauseous.
This is why I prefer sacrificing some "historical accuracy" for better artistic content. They could have changed this scene so that the band members are sitting at a rounded table where they're all sitting more or less on one side and had the record producer guy sit on the opposite side to convey some apprehensive disconnect between the two parties. I'm just brainstorming I don't know if that would have worked or not but at least it would be trying. The whole point of film is to use visuals to tell a story as much as possible.
I’m glad he brought up how the scene was also poorly blocked and/or they didn’t have all the coverage the editor would need for this kind of scene because, honestly, that’s one of the biggest issues I’ve run into when editing footage and can understand why things like this happen, but any editor worth their salt would have known that this was not the way to fix it. Everything about this feels like a first year student working around in Premier Pro and being indecisive about the shots that work and what they like so THEY USE THEM ALL. It’s really infuriating
The number of cuts made it difficult to watch, who actually thinks this looks good in the editing room, they seriously need a second (competent) opinion.
The editing was definitely an undeserved award (unless there's some production story I'm not aware of), but I don't think best sound editing is unrealistic. Granted, I haven't seen First Man yet which I hear had spectacular sound design, but for all the things Bohemian Rhapsody got wrong, I thought the sound was fantastic with the Live Aid performance at the end being top-tier.
Honestly, it feels like they didn't have a storyboard artist at all. Storyboard artists aren't always needed for live action, but it's clear they had no idea what they wanted to do for each shot.
I feel like the scene suffers more from blocking and cinematography than the editing itself. The YouTuber seems to be trying to adjust the scene to become more objective, or focused on John Reid. The way the band is reacting to Reid is the focus on the scene, not necessarily on setting up a contract. There are too many cuts, but I think the cuts against spatial awareness may be a consious attempt to keep the audience on their toes, IE, in the same anxious state as the characters. The scene the YouTuber uses as a comparison from The Godfather is also a strange choice. Those two scenes have very different objectives.
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