• VNN - Half-Life: Tactics - Cancelled Valve/Nintendo Switch Game
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If this had come out it probably would have recieved similar backlash to Artifact because "it's not HL3". Maybe not at the same level, but people be pretty pissed I think. Or maybe not I don't know.
I mean, it's not like Strategy-game like gameplay is entire alien to Source engine, but the fact that Rabbids got a tactical strategy game before Half-Life would is strangely sad.
I don't think so. If hl tactics was a legitimately good game at least from a mechanical standpoint I think people would appreciate it. Sure its a cupcake not a brithday cake but its better than nothing at all.
I wonder why tyler decided to use a big text to say uncorroborated instead of just saying it
IIRC he used verbally warn people beforehand but people kept shitting on him anyway for it do now he just makes it very obvious where what he says is uncorroborated or speculation
Give it to firaxis so we can get a HL Xcom.
If this is true, that means Half-Life is on Nintendo's radar. My dream of Gordon Freeman joining Smash is only growing stronger.
Imagine if the timeline where this game was produced did genuinely lead to Gordon Freeman/Valve content being in Smash, but that we missed out on it because Valve cancels all their games? 😩
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/163/1e7ad7b1-76fc-478d-adbf-f5f3c3417576/image.png Smash Ultimate, 2020
One can dream...
A shame nothing came of it. Interesting to think that Nintendo are not only aware of Valve and Half-Life but actively sought them out. Gives me hope that there might be something between them in the future.
There is only one correct answer to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdkZiPZCwRg
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