• Enter the Gungeon: A Farewell to Arms Update (the final DLC) Trailer
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsCgzyrXgFI Out now.
Got the game as it looks great. Thankfully the Ammonomicon is a thing that tells you what the stuff that you picked up do unlike Isaac.
Looked up the requirements on how to unlock the new characters and all I have to say is: oof
I really like Gungeon but I'm not the kind of person who will do all the challenging things and crazy unlocks - I just want to muck around with fun gun combos, so it does kinda suck having content locked behind maximum effort but I 100% understand why
This has always been my issue with the game, and others like it. They've got cool ideas and design, but its like there was one guy with a lot of influence on the project who was just an elitist jackass. The type who only feels satisfaction when he tells other people about that cool gimmick way he beat Dark Souls and all the 100% competitions he has gotten in games. And when someone else says, "Hey, I beat this boss on my first try." He has to step in and go, "Well I did it without getting hit and on the hardest difficulty while reading Twitch chat and using the starter weapon and standing on one leg. Of course you beat it on your first try, you used healing items and this weapon type."
That plus the fact that max effort takes so much time, and I don't have that much time these days anyway.
unlocked both new characters in one absolutely massive 2.5 hour run that consisted of getting to the lich 3 times. the second new character's gimmick is that any weapon you pick up behaves as if you have every item that synergizes with it, leading to the majority of guns being super strong. gets broken very quick, literally in my case as a whole bunch of sprites started getting corrupted new secret floor seems like it was meant for dumping all the nearly-complete new enemies that they couldn't fit anywhere else, and the environment seems kinda reminiscent of the idpd hq in nuclear throne. lots of the new items are pretty neato, for example there's a shovel knight themed shotgun that digs up items on reload, and an active item that summons a friendly version of the gatling gull boss
If you like Enter the Gungeon, I'd really recommend you give SYNTHETIK a shot. https://youtu.be/lEKW_uY5w9g
The Paradox isn't too hard to get if you're at the point where you can clear with some consistency. I actually got lucky and managed to get a rift on my first run since the update, have him unlocked now. Wasn't nearly as annoying as unlocking the robot. Gonna' take me mooore than a bit longer to unlock the Gunslinger though. I still have to unlock the bullet as well, but that's mostly because I tend to forget that I'm even trying to unlock him and end up killing the red caped bullets before realizing what I'm doing.
Im suprised how this update made synergies worth more going over them.
This was mostly true when the game first came out - the game is much easier now thanks to them making droprate etc much fairer.
i very much disagree with this sentiment. It's really simple pattern recognition, and once you understand what each enemy is going to be doing at any given point in time the first and second floor become kinda trivial
Bought this game a while back after playing Binding of Isaac, but never having played any bullet hell game before. This game is stupid difficult and I love it
Every enemy is totally predictable, and infinitely baitable. Even the bosses can be baited a bit in some cases. I can get why people think the game is hard, as it is a bit tough at first. But it's not even close to bullet hell levels of pattern recognition until the last floor and even the it's just tough, not unfair. Still haven't beaten the pasts for anyone but the pilot yet tho lmao. I'm getting to the final floor more consistently, but not getting there enough to learn the boss patterns.
Its not so much boss difficulty, its spending shittons of time on bosses because DPS is shit unless you get something decent. Having runs where you're stuck with the starter weapon almost indefinitely or only getting active items, are morally draining and not fun at all. A much better game with the same idea would be like slay the spire, where almost every run you can get outrageous combos and builds without feeling totally under powered.
I love gungeon but it really does give you a lot of shitty runs.
Yeah, there is a lot of fun and cool shit in the game, but the game fights you at every step of the way to prevent you from getting any of it.
again, when was the last time you played? I haven't had a run in recent times where I haven't had either a good gun to clear the floor with, or a good gun to kill the boss with by floor 2.
Okay another game also said they were doing a final update but then they ended up making another update for it somewhat later and it’s really bugging me I can’t rememver it. Can anyone help me out?
A shame this is the supposed final update considering how much unused content the game has Unused and Cut Content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqCJr39TjbE
You're playing wrong if you're forcing yourself through shitty runs. I mean if you want the challenge go for it but usually if I don't get a green chest OR perfect the boss first floor, that's a quick restart. You are not forced to play an unlucky run and that's something you gotta get if you wanna make progress
I actually got Gunslinger on my 2nd attempt at it. To be fair, it's not that unlocking him is hard, it's just kind of stressful because you have to go through 2 full runs to unlock him.
Literally just played the update and had 4 bad runs in a row, to the point that the game gave me 4 locked chests in one floor with 0 keys with the only chest i unlocked giving me the sponge. That's horrid game design though? Didn't get a good first pass? quick restart till you get decent item. The enjoyment of roguelikes is building your character and the thrill of getting crazy broken builds, but gungeon is so focused on keeping the player underpowered and item hungry that you never really get that thrill consistently. I get bad runs in spire occasionally, but I still feel like I could possibly clear some of the run. Gungeon gets me going for exactly 2 runs before going "well im not getting shit and I rather not spend 5 minutes fighting a boss with this absurdly low DPS" and I turn off the game and go to something else.
I feel like everyone talking about getting "bad runs" has either just started playing this or has never played anything like this before. I don't wanna be that guy but even vanilla this game didn't really have that problem, let alone after all these updates adding synergies, new items, item and character buffs, and quality of life changes. It could just be that I have played this game from the beginning and I absolutely love it so my tolerance for how it plays is too high, but this feels like reading a thread at the launch of the game filled with mostly people who are new to it. Extra levels like the Oubliette could sometimes feel like you needed to have a pretty great start to try for, but those are secret extra challenges you deliberately go to only if you feel you can.
See, this is entirely a problem. "Didn't get literally a perfect run, unsalvageable." This shouldn't be the circumstances for progression. If the only way to progress through a game is by getting a christmas-gift run, the game is flawed on a fundamental level. Its not even an issue of difficulty on that matter, because this isn't about it being easy or hard, its about it simply having absurd ideas about how progression is supposed to occur. Not really because those options either only exist for long-term players who already endured the prior system or else on that christmas-gift run and thus get very lucky with what the game gives them. I know for a fact both myself and Codemaster have played games much like this before Gungeon was even a thing. This has nothing to do with lack of experience with the style of game. You are being exactly that guy for starters and seem perfectly fine with that fact. And "that guy" is exactly what I was complaining about and the presence of "that guy" in high-level design for the game is what led to it having the issues is does.
I got into the game fairly recently with the Switch release, and honestly, the game is kinda bullshit starting out until you start getting credits to buy actually good shit, and then you have to hope your run generates it. Eventually you get enough good shit that most runs are salvageable unless you got turbo fucked by RNG Honestly I'm not the kind of person who can easily give up a run. "What if this is the run and if i deal with this bullet sponge boss (because i have a dinky pistol and no good items), maybe the next floor will give me some OP combo and I'll actually accomplish something this time?" And then you power through that and deal with the same issue on the next floor, until you just eventually hit a wall and can't kill something in a reasonable time frame without making one or two mistakes that cost the run. I don't like to throw away runs that I've invested time in because it makes me feel like I wasted all that time for tangible progress. Other games at least allow you to incrementally increase your completion even on shit runs; Immortal Redneck always gives you cash, so if you get fucked early on at least you got some money to unlock something. With Enter the Dungeon you need to kill bosses to get credits, and eventually you run out of things to buy or need a lot more credits than what the first few bosses drop, so you can and do waste time on shit runs. I really enjoy the game but it's not for everyone.
I think the most annoying thing is that health upgrades only drop on no hit runs,so apart from finding a spare heart inside a chest or buying one you will have to be in general really careful when fighting,perhaps the price for some powerups or challenge runs in the breach but you could get enough by beating the first two bosses which apart from the ammoconda they are relatevly easy.
I have tons of roguelikes in my library with tons of time: https://puu.sh/DcayD/6912c0d117.png https://puu.sh/Dcati/664e8364ba.png https://puu.sh/DcatG/d30b8549a1.png https://puu.sh/Dcaue/d3c43ef0b8.png https://puu.sh/DcaFV/5e41626a3c.png https://puu.sh/Dcavr/c813dff4af.png And plenty more non steam rougelikes. All of these games have great gameplay loops that don't require throwing away runs to get something decent in the first floor or so. Nor do they require being perfect to even get an ounce of progress realistically. Those synergies and combos only work if the game wants to give you ways to obtaining them, which it loves to either give barely any chests/loot with some keys, or tons of chests with no keys. You already had a fan say you might as well trash the run if you don't get something decent in the first floor, and that's terrible game design for a roguelike. I've also played gungeon since the beginning, and to this day the core loop has had the same issues. You can add all these cool combos/items, but you still have to hope for the RNG to give you even an ounce of key drops or chests to receive them. All those games i just linked have 0 issue with giving the player progress with the basic items and feeding you plenty of upgrades along the way. whereas gungeon is stingy as fuck and wants you to drag out most boss fights for decades with a DPS cap. Gungeon might be a good game for you, and that's great, but to some people it feels like a very lackluster rougelike vs the competition surrounding it (all because they focus much more on difficulty rather than the synergies and funny/crazy combos).
From my experience you can clear on any run and i've never felt the necessity to "throw away" runs. You only need to find a half-decent gun to be able to fight a boss in a manner that's not pulling teeth and by the time you're getting down to the Dragun you're bound to have found something a or s-rank, if not a straight up boss melter. I dunno if I'd really want every run to go like that one time I got the rad gun, shades, and daruma, it'd get pretty boring to be getting OP synergies all the time. Though I do wish they'd increase the ammo drop rate in bullet hell a bit. That floor always grinds me down pretty bad.
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