• The 2016 Facepunch Great TOXX
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pxn-gVa2QlE credit goes to @Nachy for this masterpiece
are we do for 2020?
I don’t think Toxxes are followed on here anymore
i still can't believe this cute @myon gay baby ate a ghost pepper only to be topped by the carolina reaper
I hope some facepuncher has a chilli farm ready for the next series of toxxes
yah, but I'm still flipping a pancakes if trump gets re-elected/is impeached
What? Since when?
Hey I remember Doug
New Punch
What about Knockout? It's a tradition, let's make it happen
It was the worst of times, it was the best of times
Never forget.
I wasn't quite as pessimistic about Trump's chances of winning the general election, but I did toxx that if Clinton won in Florida I'd never post in Polidicks again. Turns out you can always count on this state to disappoint. What kind of weak ass toxx is this. "If Trump wins I'm going to drink a lukewarm glass of water. If Trump gets impeached I'm going to eat a bowl of lucky charms but take all the marshmallows out first".
The only tox I did was in regards to something involving pancakes, I can't remember. I'm glad I didn't tox on this though, because I was one of the people who was convinced there was no way Trump would actually win. It was just too fucking ridiculous and absurd. I still stand by that.
Doug was bae, top 3 poster probably(Firerain being #1 obviously)
Watching this reminded me of another video. Anyone got a link to the WWE Election video a facepuncher made, with BDA versus several other members? The first one was a Trump supporter and had a theme song that was all about him hating various minorities.
That was also by me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atOAgtUMAIk
can we get a mirror
Aw jeeze I forgot this was content blocked in certain regions for some reason Here's a re-host on Drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GIpX_nIBJ0TI0aNoTlgzFP6FZHvq-bKN
I privated the video for reasons related to privacy. It had my face, as well as content that could easily be taken out of context by anyone with a vendetta (holocaust and Israeli war jokes). Because I have seen so many instances of either doxxing or people digging through the online history of others to find dirt, I feel the video has served it's purpose by entertaining those individuals present at the time, but it would not be wise to keep it online.
That's fair and understandable
Ahh the memories. I still remember how Starpluck bails out from his toxx,and his downfall from the grace of mod. Remember to not make a promise that you can't fulfill
i remember how i read about people that didnt want me to complete my toxx and get unbanned
which is why I am going the 'comedy toxx' route rather then doing something really painful/degrading. People seemed to be a bit upset that I picked a pussyfoot one rather then digging myself in a hole. Eh.
my toxx was lame and pussy shit but it led to this which is still one of my favourite stream moments https://clips-media-assets2.twitch.tv/172986645.mp4
I mean, I could
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