• Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Reveal Trailer
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Looks good but WHERE'S THE GAMEPLAY. They confirmed its an action game, with purposeful combat but I need to see it in action
Judging from what we've heard it's probably basically going to be the Star Wars equivalent of Uncharted, except with Force powers and a likely melee focus instead of gunplay for all we know. So it's mostly likely to be a cinematic action game more than it is some sorta successor to any past Star Wars games.
The rumors that leaked Cameron Monghans casting I think said Souls-like Combat but I imagine easier to pick up like they said
I trust Respawn to make a great game. I don't trust EA to not fuck with it.
They said it won't have any micro-transactions
Ah right, i'm thinking of the much older project that got cancelled and somehow thought this was a revival of it, my bad.
They've said there's no micro-transactions, so I'm not sure what they could do, other than maybe a shit ton of DLC.
My god I hope it is a souls-like even if easier No more press-X-to-win-cinematic-non-stop-cutscene-filled-checkpoints-every-three-seconds action games please, EA, leave that in the past
It's on the Unreal Engine FYI, not Frostbite
Thank fucking god. After pretty much everything but Battlefield poorly used Frostbite to the point that the Anthem breakdowns have pointed to it being a major cause of trouble, i'd rather get Respawn over on UE4 by a mile.
Battlefront uses it fine. Though that's DICE, so they know their engine.
They're probably saving most of the gameplay to show at E3 two months from now for now like with BFII's trailers. Gotta admit, kinda disappointed that it seems that we're just going up against the OT Empire stuff here like stormtroopers and TIE fighters. Would like to see more of a mix of that with some prequel bits for something set between those two trilogies.
It's funny to think that Battlefront under Free Radical was such a blatant Battlefield ripoff and now the Battlefield devs (or at least a subset thereof) do it, so it might as well be a dumbed down Battlefield spinoff now.
The Purge Troopers (those black trooper) are Clones according to the comics.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/205958/7931aaba-1e16-45ca-8b07-8321128b81c6/fallen order kx.png Nice to see that design showing up as an enemy.
Well it is by respawn, known for titanfall apex now :< with its wall running, and they did very pointedly show him wall running at 1:16 so... is optimism possible?
It's a third person game.
Looks like wall running is gonna be a thing yea boiiii
Some more info on the store page https://www.origin.com/can/en-us/store/star-wars/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order
I'm glad they're expanding on the Inquisitors from Rebels
I guess Respawn is officially That Wallrunning Studio now
Is it that kid with the Force Broom?
This is decades before 8, kids still a sperm.
So I guess Respawn somehow has some pull in EA? I know Titanfall 2 and Apex are great, but since when does EA care about any of that?
This is set between Ep3 and 4. So no.
I think right now only EA has the rights to make/publish Star Wars games for consoles/PC, so at some point Respawn would have been dealing with EA throughout the whole development process. But yeah it seems like EA trust Respawn to do whatever they think is right, at least for now.
Yeah, but only as a publisher, so they probably wouldn't have had as much leeway.
I imagine publishers hold a lot of leeway when it comes to licencing of not just the property, but the engine as well. Respawn/EA will be the people paying for the Unreal Engine, and a company like EA, they probably want to make every cent they can from a game. With how EA has forced their other studios to use Frostbite, it's nice they didn't do it here just save on some engine licence money. The Respawn people are pretty open about their development stuff though, so hopefully we get a little more information about their development process on this over the next year.
I wonder if our boy Hyper is doing some of the animations.
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