• Michael Reeves - If You Can't Drink Fast Enough This Cup Tazes You
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..why would you use a pi and a microcontroller for that
Micheal Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee needs some mental help. Also I want a ding ding
The Pi is wicked overkill, as is the whole website part of it. But you've gotta piss with the cock you got, and if he didn't have a screen or buttons then that'll have to do. All of his builds have a habit of overcomplicating some parts of them, usually because having a snazzy web UI is just easier to see and use I suppose.
MaxMoeFoe makes me really uncomfortable, I think it's a general thing about him that has me feeling like this, whenever he's on screen, I don't dislike the guy or anything and I'm sure he's pretty cool in real life, but the way he is online, I just feel uneasy.
Ah, don't be a buzzkill. He acknowledges it at least.
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