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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i44Mcmi-dss&t=0s Whitelight does some pretty good videos, and his recent one on Prototype gave me newfound appreciation for what's always been a strange little classic in my eyes.
Drastically underrated game, shame the sequel was nowhere near as good.
I miss superhero sandbox games. Hell, I miss big name sandbox games that aren't Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, or GTA.
I just bought both Prototype games yesterday. I've never played them save for the first one, briefly, years ago, at a friend's house.
They fucking nailed the movement system in prototype 1, was actually fun to traverse the open world
Man, I remember both this and Infamous being compared all the time when they came out. Funny considering that they played played nothing alike besides being open world. Also, Musclemass + Armor was super cool looking and I used both of those all the time because of how cool it looked. (I was 15 )
Shame the company who made this series is effectively dead thanks to Activision, rather liked this series.
Damn, this game also came out on my birthday. Neat
This game is the embodiment of ludonarrative dissonance but the gameplay was great
I have it on my PS4, the Blackwatch edition, I got Platinum on it too, but even I can admit that there was a few things about it that the 1st did that felt better. That being said, Sabrina Galloway wasn't in the first, nor her butt. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-697hiqTNULw/UIq0zGP8phI/AAAAAAAAJHY/G0NFqj9n9Ns/s1600/IMG_1629.PNG
Prototype is one of my favorite games, it's not ground breaking or anything but it hits a certain scratch I haven't gotten since Hulk Ultimate Destruction. On a personal note, it's a bit funny, my first post on this forum was about Prototype a few months before it came out, and with everything going on with the forums it might be one of my last posts here
The devs behind both series actually enjoyed the comparison quite a bit. They had some fun with it by getting the opposing studio to draw the protaganist of the other game. With some interesting results. Yahtzee's Prototype vs. InFamous Challenge | Extra Punctuation |.. Prototype was a really solid feeling game to play, you genuinely felt like an overpowered superbaddie the entire time and not a single one of your powers was usable without some collateral damage. You can tell it comes from the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction creators.
Prototype 1 was awesome, had a great open world feeling just running around and up/over buildings.
I loved the little 'fight' the two companies had, I've always enjoyed SuckerPunch's work and unlike Prototype 2; inFamous 2 fixed a lot of the issues but they're still fun games at the end.
Oh yeah and the Red Zone is fucking great, it's the game's true sandbox for Heller, no hiding, just all out warfare.
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