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Hey kid wanna yiff
I saw a live action Indian film where they went from English to Indian as well. Maybe it just something that some Indian films do occasionally.
I know the original Legend of the Drunken Master starring Jackie Chan does that if you watch the uncut version since the original Hong Kong release cut out a few violent scenes that remained intact in the English dubbed versions. The studio lost the original tapes containing the Cantonese language versions of the cut scenes which resulted in them having to use the English dubbed versions of those scenes for the uncut DVD and Blu-Ray which causes the characters to just shift between Cantonese and English for no reason. Might be a similar case with that Indian movie.
The movie i watched came out in 2013 and the actors were just doing it.
Yeah, apparently in India, switching between Hindi and English is actually how a lot of people talk over there. Which does make sense, considering how India was occupied by England for the longest fuckin’ time.
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