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foreshadowing for another Mr. Plinkett?
I'm honestly excited for Episode 9 almost purely because I know it means that there's another Plinkett Review just around the bend.
While it's both funny and blatant how much Disney cannot create anything new so they're just rehashing EU lore, it's been a pretty core tenet of Star Wars that people live on beyond death, in the Force. Probably not everyone, but here it's just cheaply being used to sound wise.
Could someone explain the joke for me? Something to do with the new trailer?
In the new trailer luke says “no one’s really gone forever” and there’s also Palpy’s laugh at the end. Basically it takes any stakes out of anyone dying in the entire series because of no one’s really gone forever, who cares if you die?
Which has pretty much been the case since ROTJ anyway
Please don't let this sentiment show up more often because it just further reinforces the idea of Star Wars fans being unpleasable whiny bitches. EU is declared non-canon? Wow, fuck you Disney, there's lots of cool stuff in there. EU stuff is being brought back into main canon? Wow, fuck you Disney, way to be uncreative.
I keep reading this as European lore, as if Europe is a significant part of the Star Wars universe
I imagine Darth Vader wearing lederhosen would've livened things up considerably.
facepunch will never be really gone.
I don't get it. Is Nouhans Evhor Rel'e-Gonn a new character?
the teaser presents 0 evidence that anyone who was previously established to be dead is still physically alive force ghosts and similar manifestations have been a thing since the original trilogy
I know they declared the EU non-canon years ago and famously set out to write this trilogy with 3 different directors and multiple different writers who never met and outlined what the trilogy should focus on. But to outright state that they're disregarding everything outside of the original 6 films, and then go straight back to it when fan reception turns sour doesn't make them look good. It's a catch 22, they scrap the EU with all its cool stuff to get rid of the bad, and then go right back to it rather than starting out and saying "this EU stuff worked really well, but we're going to change it to tell a different story".
So it's okay for a company to tell you that all of the stories, comics, and so on that you enjoyed are worthless, pointless garbage, then turn around 5 years later and say "okay now buy our version of the exact same thing."? I feel like you're missing a critical issue to the problem.
Star Wars has become such a dead horse. I'm finding it really hard to get enthusiastic about anything new using the IP. I was at a movie prop event some weeks ago and i felt absolutely nothing seeing the old pieces either. All the iconic stuff has just been so overexposed to the point where it's just lost the charm for me.
It's amazing how Disney managed to bring something back that people have been wanting to years and then absolutely burn everyone out on it within three years.
If a story being declared non-canon makes it worthless, pointless garbage in your eyes, I think you might be the one missing a critical issue here. Nobody's taken those stories away, they still exist. They haven't been erased from existence. So instead of being so dramatic about the whole lot being declared non-canon, why not pick up your book/comic of choice and read it again?
it doesnt take the stakes out of anything did yoda coming back as a force ghost take the stakes out of dying? it will probably just be palpatine haunting the death star remains similar to lukes cave trial with vader. after all, a master schemer like palpy wouldn't just be fucking sitting and chilling in the remains of his battlestation for 30+ years waiting for a chick with a lightsaber to pop up.
Yes, he did. Since TLJ we now know that ghosts can apparently come back and shoot lighting. What is the point for anything then? So now you're going to invent a reason why ghost Jedi can't just keep peace from beyond the grave, growing their ranks as the time goes on. And then ghost Sith will also be shooting lighting at people after death? The lack of constraints tanks the stakes and makes the whole drama stupid and arbitrary. In the first movie Luke only heard a voice which reassured him, that was all. Was a very humane and relatable moment, but apparently Obi Wan could've just materialize inside of a death star core, shoot it with the lighting with no risk whatsoever!
The real joke for me is that people who are really gone can be made to come back, like Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher in Rogue One.
a single lightning bolt from the sky on a dark and cloudy night to ignite a single empty building is not the kind of power you can take down a sith lord with you can easily argue the conditions in the sky were already prime for a lightning storm and yoda just directed it to the building and that it took all the force power yoda had been slowly building as a force ghost for 30 years to do and most importantly it was just in the context of teaching luke a lesson, the thing force ghosts were basically written for in the first place
I rest my case. We can argue conditions in the sky? Really?
Carrie died after Rogue One's release, she'd already given permission for her likeness to be used.
Eh, lore wise sith can't actually become "one with the force" so they can't be force ghosts. Illusions at most, like with Darth Bane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoOwyGyVsSA
it's my understanding that when force users die they become one with the force, and not (as you seem to think) That Same Character, But Glowy And Blue And Kinda See-Through And Also All Powerful. they cease to be the individuals they were and become a part of something greater than themselves. the force isn't all good or all bad, it just tends towards balance. force ghosts are like, an echo of the individuals who have passed, who have p much achieved the force version of enlightenment, are basically limited to small interactions with those they care about to like, pass on lessons or give support in their time of need, in order to help the living on their journey. therefore it's my understanding that throwing your arms up in a huff and going "WELL THEN WHY DIDN'T OBI WAN FORCE LIGHTNING DEATH STAR EXPLOSION THEN? HMM?? I REST MY CASE" just makes you look like a moron who only ever watched Star Wars for the spaceships and the explosions and the lightsabers and instantly switched off whenever the force was even hinted at being anything other than a power the jedi have that lets them control people and makes rocks float lol
There was SOME cool stuff in the EU, I don't imagine many people considered the clone emperor storyline to be one of them.
Maybe Ghost Yoda could fire lightning bolts from beyond the grave because he had a higher midi-chlorian count than Obi-Wan when he died.
Again, you're inventing all of that. Nowhere in the movies it is explained to be that way. It's my understanding they were using Force as a plot glue whenever they wanted to show whatever magic they wanted. Ghosts, lighting, changing people's mind, levitation. And when you apply too much glue it sticks out and looks gross.
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