• DF Retro: DCHDMI Review - The Ultimate Dreamcast HDMI Upgrade!
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This looks phenomenal - the 240p output looks fantastic in particular. Good reminder that the Dreamcast was ahead of it's time.
Dreamcast is a frustrating slam-dunk success it really was a phenomenal console, but on the other hand Sega is very bad with committing to things.
The big problem was that the Sega Genesis had created a nasty perception of Sega's lack of committal due to the excess add-ons that worked more like a life support gimmick, and then Bernie Stolar basically killed the Sega Saturn in the west by launching it before it was ready without warning on top of his anti-2D and anti-Japanese Games methods that he tried to infect Sony with prior. By destroying consumer trust, Sega was left in a hard place because the Playstation's legacy was so good that a PS2 overwhelmed the Dreamcast in a blaze of hype and glory - but in Japan, the Saturn actually remained strong for its lifespan, and the Dreamcast also lasted for a while overseas. So really Sega mostly got crushed in the western market they burned their bridges with.
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