• The definitive Star Trek Voyager torpedo inventory log
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Voyager gets too much hate imo. It's not my favorite Trek, but it sure as shit isn't as bad as some people claim it out to be. Janeway, Tuvok, and Doctor really carry the show and had it's fair share of fun episodes.
I haven't watched in 15 years, but i remember the theme song to it. It was top notch.
hey it certainly could be worse IT'S BEEN A LONG ROAD
This isn't really that bad, its fair to say they could have fabricated more torpedoes considering they built things vastly more complex. Still my problem with this show was that it was basically too comfortable and too easy for the crew to traverse the delta quadrant, it made it seem more inconvenient they were stranded. Year of Hell was a great look at what could have been imo. Pretty much every trek fan knows this, but he was suppose to die too. They kept him around because his good looks boosted the ratings.
Yeah but what about the Photonic Cannon? Seriously though they probably got the materials to make new torpedoes from the many planets and groups they helped along the way. I can't imagine they had enough food for the entire journey, even with the trash and toilet systems being 100% efficient recycling devices.
Yeah, we even had episodes where they traded for food with various species, it's pretty likely that they traded for materials as well.
Yeah this whole video is a bit pointless considering voyager's replicators were advanced enough to replace entire damaged sections of the ship given enough time and energy. I mean there's the famous quote of "There's coffee in that nebula!" when the crew are looking for an energy source to keep their food synthesizers going.
voyager wasn't terrible as a whole, but holy fuck were the low points low i don't think anything will eclipse tom paris turning into a fish lizard, kidnapping janeway, then turning her into a fish lizard too and getting her pregnant with weird fish lizard babies
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