• Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer
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Season 6, not 7.
The only thing I don't understand is why it's only one season of 12 episodes. Disney has the money. They should fund more than that, and let Filoni do all the stuff he was actually planning to do. So much of it sounded amazing. I want the fucking Vong recanonized, especially cause the show's interpretation was going to ditch the stupid Force immunity that was tied to the single worst plot twist of the whole EU storyline.
Ooor, we could not? Please?
was at the panel, show looks fucking great. Super excited to see it
Man, I need to get around to watching Clone Wars. This looks way better than I recall Clone Wars being. I fell of the series (finished S2, but that's it) apparently right before it got good.
What the show was going to do with them though was great. We were never actually going to learn much about them. It was pitched as an x-files style arc within the star wars universe, with the Vong probe serving as the UFO equivalent. I realize there was a whole bunch more wrong with the execution of Vong than just that stupid court jester who ended up being the evil mastermind. But I've never been opposed to the idea of the star wars galaxy being invaded by a threat from another galaxy. Frankly, I feel it would have been a much stronger concept for the sequel trilogy than what we got. Done right, it could be legitimately interesting.
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