• The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained (Kurzgesagt)
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Requesting a fact-check from the astronomers and spacenerds of FP.
Summon @JohnnyMo
The video is mostly accurate, but they forgot to mention how a Strange Star becomes a Hale's Own Star.
Is it just me or there this weird thing floating around Kurzgesagt after that video they released a while back?
w-what weird thing
I don't know I mean... Ask yourself: can you trust Kurzgesagt ?
They probably wouldn't have empathised their citations at the start like this did otherwise.
I appreciate them doing that aswell, but something stills feels kinda weird now, I'll keep watching their content but I don't enjoy it nearly as much.
If it helps the guy who made that video released another one admitting he was completely wrong.
They're a pop-sci channel. They try to be accurate but a lot of nuances are lost in the simplification. There's a reason why technical writing and science communicators are a thing. Science and math simply require too much foundational knowledge to effectively communicate to the layman. In the area's where they went totally wrong, they responsibly addressed it and the "whistleblower" was inconsequential.
Just you? I don't see anything floating around.
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